Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas and I AM OUT...

Seems like each year the stores bring in Christmas earlier.
This year all the Halloween stuff wasn't out and Walmart
already had the Christmas stuff in the garden area.

Heading in to November was a real push on the Christmas
season.. Catalogs in the mail... emails coming in with the
newest Christmas stuff... say nothing of all the Black
Friday ads.

Rounding the corner coming into December.. I got my
Christmas cards done and ready to mail.. then mailed.
I was in full mode of cooking things for the baskets
we give out.  Stopping only to do the prep work for

And now here we are in December.. we are only 2 weeks
away.. I have my baskets ready.. I have already gave 3 of
them to the owners... with 5 left.  3 of them are going out
on the 15th... and 2 on the 20th. It is only the 8th of
the month. And for all sense and purposes, I have it all
done.. But I have 15 more days to go...with nothing left to
do. Even have the King's Christmas gifts sitting in the
living room.. 

When you have children and grandchildren who live
near by... Christmas goes on until the day... the day
is the big final.... show time..  But without them.. it
is over.. I am done..... I am ready to move on to what
ever goes past that day..  As they say on Sharks..
I AM DONE.  Next... 

Don't get me wrong.. it is a great day.. great day with
family and some with friends as well.. Food, gifts..
feel good.. one of the rare days in the world ...where
people, well, most of them.. feel good about each other.
Have tolerance they don't have the rest of the year. Too
bad we can't bottle it and serve it all year.. minus gifts. 

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