Thursday, December 18, 2014

Soapbox and lights...

I got a comment sent to me from an old post a couple of months ago.. I think it was listed under telephone books?.
They said they liked my blog and words .. (the usual of spam
lead in) it  was from a I NEED A JOB  Utube site) they asked
a question...but it was a valid question.  Even though I suspect it was more of a spam than real... I decided to answer it anyway.

They asked how did I center myself before I started typing up
my blog.  I answered the best I could with how sometimes I have
an idea and start typing and the rest is history..  Sometimes
I have an word and start typing and it fleshes out... and that I
type out on Microsoft Word and then transfer it over to blogspot.
Because I have typed it up on blogspot and hit publish and
POOF... it was gone.. really gone.. into never never land. And I had to think of what I wrote and do it again. Which doesn't always turn out well.  Also by doing it this way, I can play with it.. correct spelling, add words, take away words.. Then copy past the finish product to blogspot.. and if it fails.. I still have it to paste again.  Works for me. But also some days, I have nothing.. and don't know why I am still here.

Also I was asked why did I start a blog.. And my answer was
someone told me I could do it.. and I was up late at night and
bored... the words "you can do your own blog as easy as 1.2.3. and there I was...  But I said I tried it because, sometimes I have a lot to say.. and I try to keep it humorous as much as possible.
But it also it was my way of a soapbox... my soapbox, and no
one could knock me off of it.. They could make fun of me. They could tell how horrible I was.. but they couldn't knock me off it.

It was MY soapbox

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