Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Men's Logic

After shopping most of the day with my daughter
in Coeur d' Alene, we pulled in to my driveway.
I notice the neighbor's garbage cans in the
ditch.  I looked over to where oura would have been
but they were gone. I thought, good, the King
put them away.

The next morning I went out the back door and
there was one of our garbage cans, minus
lid in the back yard. Then I noticed the other
one was behind my car, near the garage door. 

I said something to the King and he said. Yea,
I got them  as far as the garage. I just looked
at him and ask why he didn't put them in the
container that was 5 feet away.  He replied.
"I got it to the garage, at least I did that much."
But I asked why not the rest of the way. "I was
cold, it was windy and I only had shorts on."
he said.    I shook my head, and said, so you
walked 35 feet with them, but didn't do the
last 5 because you were cold?  "Yep" he said.
"But at least I got them that far for you."
See in his mind, I usually bring in the garbage
cans, (come to think of it, I am the one who
usually puts them out there too). So he did it
for me.

Oh, why would I not get that. After all, this is
the same guy who will get up from the table,
take his plate and put it on the sink counter,
just 2 inches from the door to the dish washer.
And when I ask about that one time, his reply
was 'well, I took it off the table. 


Anonymous said...

way to funny, I do not believe if i live to be 100 i will understand Man Logic, lol

Anonymous said...

Since I have been a little girl, garbage was always a man's job. When I married my hubby never did the garbage, he hated it. That latest past the first year a bit. Then I revolted. I stopped cooking for him. It didn't take long for him to start missing fresh baked bread and cinnamon rolls weekly, topped off with homemade butter. We celebrated our 55th this year.

Word Tosser said...

I was raised that way too Anonymous.. by the way are you the gal I come across at Yokes from time to time?
My brother was the garbage guy, I was the dishes and then vacuum and etc.. I am 4 years older than he. But when I got married.. something went wrong.. In all I had 3 husbands.. one divorce, one deceased and the King.. and none of them were prone to do the garage by themselves.. and the King is proficient in being a garbage compactor.. so he doesn't have to do it. One time he told me it was inside work women's work and outside is men's work. so I took the bag out of the can, tied it off. and threw it out on the deck.. IT'S OUTSDIE.. OUTSIDE MEN'S WORK.. he was not amused but he did go put it in the outside

Anonymous said...

Lol, Enjoy your blog, but I do not live in your area. So, I am not the lady from Yokes. Was thinking Dave might generate a fun debate on his blog with this subject. Loretta Lynn even wrote a song about who does garbage detail. 😊

Word Tosser said...

:-) ok, Anonymous.. I have this really nice woman who fills my head with pride.. that comments on my blog.. so flabbergasted that I forget to ask her ..her name..
So you are from the Dave crew.. I wrote something years ago.. about husband's not wanting to do chores.. don't remember if he picked up on that or not..