Monday, December 29, 2014


I have to laugh.. they say the reason why
marriages don't last as long is because we
are living longer.

If that was true... then why is there couples
celebrating 60 and 75 years of marriage?

I know of a wonderful young lady who is
writing a book called
War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation
(if you get a chance, look for is coming out
in February, I believe) and the stories she tells ...
enough to fill a book and more.. .. about people who
met during WWII and got married after
one week ... because the man went
overseas to fight in the war. These people she
talks to are in their 80's and 90's.  The bond
is the bond between the couples.

You read stories or you watch on television
of caretakers.. husbands or a wife.. who is
still taking care of a love one, whose
health has gone down hill.. be it physical
or mental.  The care taker in their 70's,
even 80's.  Taking the words.. "in
sickness or health, until death due us part"
seriously.. and to heart.
Even the ones who can't physically take
care of their love ones, go to the health
care centers daily.. to be there all day with
their love one.. Some even moving in with
them, even tho they are still in good health.
I knew of such a couple, who celebrated
their 75th anniversary there.

So those who say those words.. oh, marriage
isn't lasting as long, because we are living is hard to stay marriage for more
than 30 or 50 years. BULL... marriages aren't
lasting as long FOR SOME.. because they
aren't in it for the long haul.. 

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