Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another year shot to hell....

2014, be not proud.... We have had nasty elections,
but that is getting to be business as usually....

But there is the police related shootings.. Michael Brown,
Tamir Rice, and the choking of Eric Garner. The killing
of a dog who was inside of a truck, because the police
officer panicked. Even local.. the police shot and killed
a young woman with mental problems... 
We have police officers shot in their car as they eat
their lunch on the run in New York...another in Florida.

The beginning of those words might seem like I am
anti-police.. but I am not..
It is sad that the few, make it so bad for those who
work so hard to keep peace in a town. Who work
so hard with the public.. and now will have even a
harder job of it, with recent problems.. And now
some of the innocent police officers pay with their
lives. Breaking the hearts of families. 2 boys are

left with out a dad.. and a new wife lost her husband.   
             The good news is that the police departments nation
wide are taking another look at their training sessions and
trying to make changes.  While that is wonderful..
it still going to be a very hard job. When an officer
leaves his car, he never knows if he gets to return
to it.  So trying to juggle the new awareness, of
how to handle situations.. the bad element is still
there.  And families never know how much of a
good by will be at the beginning of  a shift will
be a permanent one.  Or yelling about police
officers deserving to die, effects those families
especially the children of those officers.

The ISIS killing the people of many countries (as it isn't
just our countrymen that are being beheaded).
There were many headlines we didn't want to know
about.. and there will be more coming. Some of
which, personally don't think the public has the
right to know everything.. and especially before
all the facts come in..

There is good out there. There are children who
are out there helping other children.. or pass
out blankets for homeless...
There are the hero's who jump in freezing water
to help those in trouble.

On the person level, there was sadness this year..
I lost two people who I care about. My brother, and
a friend.. yet there was joy, with the birth of two of
my great grandchildren.
And the King and I have our health and we are safe.
Let's pray that 2015 will be kinder. 


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