Tuesday, December 09, 2014

What is in a name?

In the months that you are expecting your child, you
play around with names for that child.  Some are
named after the father, or a family member.. Some
are doozy's  and in the 1960's and 70's there were
some real doozy's.  Some were numbers. Some
were just a letter.. and some where named after
the weather and some you just shook your head

Mine were a combo of many ... first one was name
I liked and the middle name just sounded nice with
it.. and the spelling was after a girl I went to school
with.. but not after the girl herself.  Next one was
after my sister in law and my aunt.. two people
who were very important to me.  Next was a son,
so he got his father's name.. but not a jr. but II..
after his name.  Next up came a name I just like.
It was a comfortable name. And she got her
middle name from her grandmother's name on
my husband's side. Next up.. was a boy who inherited
both grandfather's middle names. But then I was
expecting twins.. Except when I came up with
a name. I didn't know they were going to be twins..
So when I found out the week before... I just split
the names between the two boys. Added a name
that went with the first name for the first one..
and then gave the second one the name of my
doctor.. Joking with him, that he only showed
up for the second birth.. (the dr. was at a
movie show with his family, when the first one
came).  Then the last child.. which I jokingly
said after 7.. I was going to call the child.. THE
END... but being I knew it was going to be the
last one.. I threw in 3 names.. First one chosen by
my husband, second name, I liked.. and the 3rd
one came from her grandmother on my side.

Two of those children, now... are not called what I
call them when they were born.. One chose to change
her name, due to being teased as a child. (the comfortable
name) And chose a Native American name... the other
one.. a son, did not chose to change his.. but was called
by his first name in school and it stuck. I called him
by the name I wanted in the first place.. (remember half
of the name he was going to get if he had been a single birth) .. 

So I have found out that if you want your child to be
called by the name you want... you make that name
is the first one name. With the daughter it was by her
choice.. and after many years of training.. I have it
kind of down pat.. with an occasional slip..  But with
the son.. I try to remember to call him by the short
version of his first name.. as family members do call
him that. Also in the professional line, he is called that
as well.. But in my heart,  and I refer to him a lot of times,
by his middle name... but I try my best not to slip up in
front of as everyone knows him by his first name.  
Although his brothers will refer to the name I like from
time to time.

So what is in a name... I guess and it should be... when
you become an adult, and not fond of the name your
parents called you.. you should have the choice to
be called what you want. What makes you comfortable.
But remember when you name your child.. better keep
the name you want first.. 

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