Thursday, December 11, 2014

Where are we going to put this stuff....

As we approach  Christmas, I try my best not to be negative.
But with the news in the paper and on television, it sure
makes this hard...  So hitting on a lighter note...

Here we are.. most of us have the Christmas tree up.
Mine is a flat on the wall type.. just don't have room
for a full tree..

And under the tree is filling up with boxes.. Boxes of
joy, and surprises... Some trees have more than others.
Some have huge amount of boxes.. 7 feet around the tree.
piled high and out in to the room about 4 feet. 

I always wonder when I see that... are they all for the same
household, or is most of them going out the door by Christmas.

And as they fill up that area... I got to ask.. where are they
going to put all that stuff.. after all the day after Christmas,
all of them are removed to be places somewhere. Closets,
counter tops and etc...

So what do they do? With the old stuff, that is in the way
of what is new. Yard sale boxes for the garage for spring?
Goodwill, or thrown away?  After all  the average home has
so much clutter, you got to wonder where does all that stuff


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