Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR...

Here we end another year.  Hope you
had more good than bad. Hope it brought
you good health.

This is the year that flew by. Not only
for us. .but others who talked about.
Why it seems like it flew by so fast
for all, I don't know.

I know as I was getting ready for Labor
Day, with having a cook out.. it seem like
I was just getting ready for 4th of July
a week or so before.

Let us all hope and pray, that the year 2015
is a better year for us all.  May we all enjoy
good health.. may the year be good to us.

And we all can hope and pray that the
Congress finds a way to be thinking of
us instead of them..  Hopefully they
do no harm.

The King and I wish you all a safe

and healthy new year..

See you next year.. on 1/5/15 

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