Tuesday, December 16, 2014

God is Good...

This year has been a rough year for some of my
friends, with health issues.

But of late, so much good news... My friend's
husband is doing well after surgery.. Something that
could have been so much worse, yet, was so lucky
that it has turn out the surgery caught everything.

Another friend fought cancer early in the year. And
I saw her at Walmart yesterday.. She looks great.
Last time I had seen her, she was so thin.. and she
was one who really didn't have a lot to lose.. But
she looks so wonderful.

Another friend, who recently has been suffering
from heart problems, is doing better.. She actually
has had 3 heart attacks over the past 2 and half
years..  This last one was scary yet.  She works
for the school district where she has to climb
stairs to get to the class room.  They didn't have
a room on the ground floor that she could use.
The stairs were and are a hardship for her. But
she recently got work that she qualifies for
disability.. She has been trying for quite some time

but was told she had to be off work for 6 months

before they would say she was disable enough
for disability. She had to work, it was her only
income.. And welfare didn't bring in enough
for her bills.  But finally common sense has
won out and her last day at work is Friday.
A huge load off her shoulders.  She is far
from out the woods, health wise..but at least
she has a step forward.  And her son got
a part time job. Her young son has been
trying to get a job for a year.  So things
are starting to look up for her..

So God is good.

"I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes,
until I met a man who had no feet"  Mod Squad


Mari Meehan said...

God is good. Indeed.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Thank you Cis.......It was so nice to see you.