Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One week away....

Only one week away.. Christmas..
7 shopping days left..
Glad mine is all done..  and to
be honest, I will be glad to get it
over with..

I guess I am a real bah, humbug, type
of Christmas person.. Like I say, Christmas
without kids around is kind of boring to me.

Most of my decorating is outside.. and today
was no exception.. We took down the lights
on the house this past summer, when we
painted the house. So today, I replaced them.

My daughter was over Monday and said it
looks kind of dark out.. even with the fence
lights and the hunting snowman.  Then it
dawn on me.. I forgot to put up the house
eave lights.  Worse was, I was beating myself
up, as I do all that in August.  Why you ask?
Because August is warmer than December.

So I was putting up the new lights. I figured
if I could use the broom to put the lights on the
old hooks that are up there, it should go pretty
good and I wouldn't have to go up and down the

That plan worked fairly well... Took about 45
minutes to get them all up.. And then I went
to plug it in.. OH, NO..  I have the female end
of the plug.. So back around, unhooking the
lights from the hooks.. about 20 minutes worth.
Reverse the line, and back to putting them up
again. This times it took about 30 minutes as
I was getting good at this with the broom.
Only to go plug in the lights.. and it is a female
plug..  you could hear me over the whole
How could this be? I knew I had reversed the
line. Then I walked to the end to make sure the
other end had a female end.. and sure enough

it did.  (wish I had done that in the first place, sure
would have been easier on the nerves)... What
the HELL..  how can they have them hook in the
middle and end up with two females on the end.
So went to Home Depot.. No they don't have a
double end male plug.. suggested the electric
supply near my house.  The most patience young
man, who listen to my tale of woe.. and said ...they
don't make them, but I can make one up for you.
So after getting the ends.. and a short piece of wire..
he made one for me..

Back home. the King is home from work, and I explain.
He thought it was funny that I had removed it and redid
it.. until I reminded him.. of his saying.. INSIDE WORK
And I just got done doing HIS work.. So I plugged it
all in.. and I have lights.. and it looks good.

Now I am done.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You are one self controlled women! Sorry, but had that been this granny in your shoes; I am afraid there would be one man in your neighborhood wearing those Christmas lights. Not to mention where the hunting snowman along with him would end up. Oh, side note: I'm with you. Family is Christmas, and time spent in community services and other pursuits or other holiday activities is so rewarding. My spouse and I love taking in the concerts together, and avoid the candy, baking, and decorating. And church activities are at the top of our list as well. May you discover your own new ways to rejoice this season and in the future. Merry Christmas.