Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another 4 years of driving...

Well, the good state of Idaho saw fit for me to drive
for another 4 years... and this time I have actually a
decent picture on my new temporary license.

They use to make up the plastic license right away,
but don't know what happen to that.  Because now
we get paper one, with our picture on it, that is good for
30 days, and the new one is suppose to show up
within that time limit.. Hopefully the post office
doesn't screw that up.. but that is a story for another

A 4 year cost $30 and an 8 year cost $55.  I can
remember when an 8 year cost $25 or $28.  but
I guess that isn't too bad.. just a little over $7 a year.
See in Idaho when you are over 63 no longer
can get an 8 year.  And because I didn't have any
tickets in the past 3 years, I didn't have to take
a driver's test. At least that is the rumor.

I seem to get a speeding ticket every 20 years.
Last one was about 4 years ago.  And the last
two (one in 1980 something) and 4 years ago
was add insult to injury, the King was around.
The one in 1980, I was along side the road
getting my ticket, when he drove by laughing
at me.. and the last one, he was with me.  And
I was driving because he wanted to gawk around
at the farmer's fields and etc..  I had a slight case
of road rage, as this guy would pass me.. and then
slow down to 20 mph in a 45 mph area.. so the
second time around, I fly around him and down
the road, into the arms of a state trooper, to the
cost of $80.  Much to the enjoyment of the King.
So I guess I should be grateful, that the good

state of Idaho entrusted me for 4 more years. 

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