Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Living in the Present and researching the Past....

The last month has been full of research of the Past.
Still looking thru old pictures of relatives.. and passing
them on.. 

And then my daughter found someone who could take
8mm movies and put them on video for a reasonable
price.. Now we are making copies for family members.
This one hits a little closer to home.. meaning my
generation and my children..  blips like 8mm is..
from time of the 60's to the 70's .. as my children
were small children.. Some of these movies are almost
50 years old.  As the oldest is moving up on 55 this year
and she is 5 in some of the shots..  There is my folks

And what would be a surprise to my readers...is the
pictures of my husband and my business of the 1970's.
Smashing cars for scrap iron.  There is where we use to
burn them (before EPA) as it clean out the copper under
the dashboard. Burnt off all the coating on the wire.. So
you can reach up and pull it all out.  Also it weaken the
iron in the car, making it easier to smash.  Then we
would transport it to Seattle for the crushers, to send to
Japan at that time.. for the mere $12 a ton.. and that was
good money, as we did get $8 a ton for a while.  My
deceased husband who was doing this.. would have
a heart attack if he could see what the prices were
4 or 5 years ago, when it was going to Turkey and
they were paying $400 a ton..

Anyway, watching the video is kind of like watching
your life past before your eyes... And we have more
to come.. As one of my son's had the 8mm I gave
him and the ones his dad had... So that will be a
wonderful sight to see too..

One thing we did learn.. it is good we did it now..
as a lot of the pictures were lost to faded pictures.
There is a lot of good stuff... so well worth the
viewing.. but makes us realize.. if we don't get all

of them on dvd's, they can be lost forever. 

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