Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gal Pal fun again...

About 30 years later... I met another friend..
Lorraine.. I believe I wrote a story about
Lorraine before..  The Geronimo story.
How Lorraine, the King and I were down
at a local dock on the lake.  We, the King
and I were in the water... and Lorraine
came running down the dock and jumped
off the dock while yelling GERONIMO!!.
And crunch... what she didn't seem to
know is, that there was a cement boat
ramp, under where we were SITTING..
She thought we were standing... It was
known instantly, she had broke her leg.
We got her back over to the dock.. and
she scooted down the dock while the
King got our car closer to the dock on the
beach. The King wrapped her leg with
a hollowed out 2 foot log and an old
shirt we had.
Another man came along and he
help get her from the dock to the car.
I had laid a blanket on the seat, and
after they got her to the seat edge, I
was able to pull the blanket and her
into the car. And off to the hospital
we went.  8 weeks later she was up
walking again.

One time we were driving around and
we found a wonderful pile of wood.
It was obvious excess ..left over piece.
Some were 10 feet or 12 feet long,
some were round.   We found out
who was dumping it there.. And was
told yes, we could scavenge what we
wanted but.. they were going to set it
on fire in a couple of days. So for about
4 days, we would go by truck, some
times van she had, and piled as much
of the pieces we could get in each one.
There was tuck and groove pieces 8 feet
long, and 4 inches wide.  There was 2x4
10 feet long... some 12 feet long. Some
6 inches wide.. and some 4x4's. There
were log slices... about 4 inches thick.
about 2 feet around.

We were wishing we had 10 acres, so
we could go into the scavenger business.
We had a stack about 4 feet tall.. of lumber
and about 4 feet wide.. with a huge piles
of log slices.  She used the log slices for
stepping stones, and built a porch on the
back side of her house.  We had just
changed out our front big window...and
she used that for the porch and it became
a green house effect.  She also used the
lumber for repairing her front porch.
And larger pieces to raise up her shed.
She is the Red Green of Idaho..

We also went up to a place that the King
and I had found on a hunting trip, that
was shale rock.. We loaded up my truck
with that and ended up involving the
King in our second load, as they were
heavy... I would climb up as far as I
could go, and start slabs rolling down
the side of the hill.  I was like a mountain
goat, with surefootedness.. she wasn't
so steady, besides some of this was
after she had broke her leg.  She used
this to put around her pond in her
back yard. I kept a couple of them.

We have been up in the woods finding
fern, and moss... and huckleberries.

Huckleberries is like hunting mushrooms.
Once you find a great spot, you don't tell
ANYONE where they are... And sometimes
the forest dept. or the electric company
had mowed it out around their towers
in our favorite places.. So have had to
find a new place... One time we were up
where my gal pal had picked before.. Even
when she was a kid.. but the area had been
sold off in the 1980's so every time you went
around a corner or so... there was no trespassing
signs everywhere.  We found some of the state
land, but gates were it was private.. so we would
go up before the gate... one time one of the
owners came by with dogs in the pickup..
we thought we were going to be had. But we ducked
down under the bushes.. as they went slowly thru
the gate and up the hill.. 

One time we were walking back
to the car, and a very unusual soul stopped
to talk to us. He had a one ton with flat bed
truck, almost dragging a log. The end was
about 6 inches from the ground.  But he, himself
was flying high... He was an old hippy guy...
offering us a ride.. we said no, car is just down
the road.  Wanted to know why we were there,
huckleberry picking.. he then offered us his
place up the road.. but we thanked him for
his offer, and said no, especially when he took
out a tiny gun from his waist... and said for us
to watch out for the bears.. and he uses this.. as
he waved the gun around... we bide him good
bye quickly, and headed back to the car.. as
he continued down the road, singing to his
hearts content... of which we figured if there
were any bears around... he scared them off.

We haven't gotten into any trouble.. seem to
skirt that.. but have had lots of fun..

You know we are due an adventure.. maybe
this summer we can go scouting in the
woods again.

Tomorrow is her 67th birthday.. she is an
April fools kid.. maybe that is why we get along
so well.

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