Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Memory gone? No more space?

It seems like we remember a lot of stuff...
Childhood memories... education stuff..
People we meet years ago.
Important things.. like dates of places.
Unimportant things... like what kind
of candy was best when you were 5.

So when you get old.. over 60, say...
things are remembered the same..
or jarred your memory when you
see something or hear a song...or
gone all together...

Not dementia.. just gone.. and I guess
I kind of figured it out...  After all how
much can you cram in to a space of
1 foot square.

So if you are lucky, you remember the
important things.. like your social security
number, birth dates of your children.. your
anniversary, all the pass words and numbers
that are required in life.  Dr. appointments
and etc.  

But you can't remember what you ate for
breakfast this morning. Yet you can remember
some dumb ditty song from 40 years ago..

Mine is: IT'S ABOUT TIME...
from a tv show called About Time..
with Imogene Coca, and Joe E. Ross

No wonder I don't have any more space for memory..

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