Monday, March 02, 2015

Yan can cook...
Cis can't sew

Sewing is not my forte.  Never has been.. When I left home at
the age of 17... my mother had a cedar chest with many, many
unfinished projects.  And I am sure she must have thrown them
away after I left and wasn't returning.. Or used them for dust rags.

It isn't because I was not knowledgeable in sewing. Having to
suffer thru the 7th grade, 8th grade and I think there was a half
semester class of sewing in high school..  The teachers tried.. oh,
did they ever.. After all .. every girl was a potential homemaker.
It was written in the law of the land... Girls were to work as store
clerks, beauty shops or secretarial work, until they got married.
A plan that didn't work out well for me. 

So most of those unfinished projects were probably from my I think the only thing I did get out of all that, was
one stinking apron.. that I not only finished.. but I did  fair to
midland job of it.  

Now my mother.. she could knit up a storm.. Made the most
beautiful sweaters.. of which I still have.  And sew, the woman
did beautiful work.. She sewed outfits for my brother and I... and
herself.. don't remember her sewing anything for Dad.. Just knitted
socks.   She sewed everything.  My prom dress out of feed sacks.
A beautiful combo of coat, purse, hat that was reversible for Easter
one year, when I was a teen.. and I wore them with pride.  And
horse blankets and sheets as well.

My only accomplishment was western shirts.  Made many for my
husband, Marv... for a dear friend Mac, and for my kids... The last
one was a bone of contention... as I did one for my youngest in a
pattern on the material of hippopotamus and elephants.. orange and
green ones...  Found out later, when she was an adult, it wasn't as
great as an idea as I thought.  She became the great seamstress.

And making Misty a jacket type harness is not going well either. And
she is a worse critic than my kids... but of course any jacket is not to her
liking.. she stands like a statue in them. 

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