Thursday, March 19, 2015


We have trains that go thru and around our town and
county. It is just part of life... As it is, they have
removed several tracks and reroute around the
town near me.

But even so, there are people who are complaining
about the noise of the horn as it goes thru the
intersections of the town and near the town. They
say they have lights and some have gates, so no
horn is needed.   Only trouble with all of this is..
we have had several deaths on the train tracks.
Where people just were not paying attention.

We lost two young ladies within weeks of each
other.  Why they decided to come across the
tracks at the time, when the train was coming..
I don't know.. Mostly likely never will.  But as
long as people make mistakes... they have to
take every precaution they can.. so with the
lights and the horns.

I have lived across the street from train tracks
several times.. It doesn't take long before you
don't even notice them. And where I live now
is about 3 blocks from the trains.. and find even
in the evening... the lonesome call of the horns,
a nice sound..

We have coal trains that have gone thru this town
forever.  But now there are people who are protesting
them.. commenting about the dust from the trains.
As one who has had to wait for the train to go by,
I never noticed any coal dust coming off of it..
But protest they do..

But one man whose words that caught my eye,
in his letter to the editor... WHAT HAVE THE
NOTHING.   I had to shake my head.. because if
for some reason the trains were to stop.. He would
find out in short order what the trains do for us.
Food, cars, lumber, you name it.. it is transported
by train....... as well as people..  Maybe we should
ask him... what have you done for us, mister? Not

a damn thing... you can bet.

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