Monday, March 09, 2015

I am not lazy, just respectful...

When I go to visit someone.. for the day or for
a couple of days..  I am careful about helping out.

It isn't that I am lazy.. and I do offer, but  if the lady
of the house says, no thanks, then I respect that.

I know there are a lot of women who just jump
right in there. Some even will start cleaning the
house with out a word.

But I have found over the years, that ever woman
has a certain way of cleaning their houses.  Most
of them are pretty routine, but with just a few things

One time I had a friend ask me if I thought her house
was dirty, as a mutual friend was cleaning her kitchen.
I said no, I never thought it was, actually she was
more on to her cleaning than I was.  But she said,
(nameless) makes me feel my house is never clean
enough.. she cleans every time she comes here.
Told her, maybe (nameless) feels she has to be
busy.. and doesn't mean any harm..   But I have
to admit, there has been a few times when I felt
like that when someone does that to me.

Also there is the matter of, we each have our
own way of doing things.. like stacking the dishes
in the dish washer.  I was doing a friend's one time
like I do it... and she went in there and rearranged
the whole thing..  So I just don't do it anymore.
Because I felt like I was making more work for her.

So I offer, but if they say no.. no it is.  I will just

visit while they do the work. 

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