Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Where have all the good candidates gone?

To the tune of Where did all the flowers go... Where have
all the good candidates gone, long time passing?  

Because all we have is reruns.. Clinton, Bush.. isn't there
anyone out there who would be the man or woman of the people for the people? 

But then again.. I can kind of understand... After all what person of good common sense, want to run for President?  Because all kinds of information will come out of the wood work.. Doesn't have to be true.. it can have a bit of truth with a good spin and your life, your spouse's life, your children's lives have been exposed to bullying and any thing that can be used.  What person wants that.. who wants to sign up for that?  Not me.

People are grand slamming Clinton right now because they
are scared of her. But why not use stuff that is important...
as I said before.. the woman has steam trunks loads of stuff.
Is it because they don't have any one to run against her that
would be good for the country?

And Bush, Jeb that is.. nice guy.. but another rerun family.
Probably a nice guy to have for a friend.. but President?
We had enough with the last two.... heard even his mother
said something similar.  

Isn't there anyone fresh out there.... or are we scared of
fresh, after Obama bombed out on us.. The hope we had when we voted for a change.. dashed... the promises we had hope for.. even though we knew there was no way he could pull it off.
The transparent of the government.....the line by line vote on
laws and policies for Congress to pass... instead of the
piggybacks that we have had and still have for years. No
more lobbyist?  

He did keep his word for health care for all.. he did keep
his word for fairer rules for gays, he did keep his word to
find the job market after Bush just about killed it.. People
just don't like how he did it, but they didn't have a better
plan going.

I understand why he bypassed Congress many times.. I don't
like it..but I understand.  We have had Presidents in the past
who did not get along with Congress, but not with as much
hatred as he gets.   And the foreign country policies.. who
can keep up with the constant changing? Where were his
experts for foreign polices? Clinton, Kerry.. not.. Clinton,
really didn't have a chance, after all .. all the countries
rearing their ugly heads.. had no respect for a woman,
no matter who she was.

So what is in store for our next President? No one is going
to like him or her.  The country is noted for not liking their
President. Not even John Kennedy.. or even Roosevelt.  Both who everyone thinks were the greatest Presidents. Now.. but hated when they were in office.

Who wants to sign up for that duty?  Surely not a good, honest, common sense person.. with the slanted politics of today, with who can buy the best President that money can buy. 

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