Monday, March 30, 2015

Gal Pals of fun

As this time comes around.. it always has me
pondering about the past.. and now that I am
in my seventies.. a little pondering of the
future.. and how much is there..
Because life is alike  roll of toilet paper,
the closer you get to the end.. the fast it
fly by..

In the past I have had some fun gal pals..
BFF to the younger crowd..

When I was in my late 20, and early 30's it
was Cherie... Cherie, at the time was a single
mom with 4 kids.  And a neighbor.  I was
married and had a bunch of kids too.

When she was building a panty shelf area,
we did it what we referred to as the Roslyn
way.  I don't know where we got the wood.
But she was a little short of funds, so we
used old nails. Spending one afternoon
straightening out crooked nails.  After all
they were still good.. just needed to be straight.
We would roll them on the sidewalk and pound
until they were straighten out.  We actually started
out with screws for one of our projects.. By the
end of the day, our palm of our hand were raw.
Near the end of the panty shelve project, her boy
friend from Seattle saw what we were doing, and
he couldn't take it anymore.. So he bought us
a box of good nails...  He was a keeper and she
married him about a year later.

We also changed the water pump on her station
wagon. I had seen Marv do it enough times,  I
figured I could do this.. and we did.. Using the
proper cuss words, it went in pretty well and
we got it done, and with new hoses.

Then there is the  time, we were coming back from Ellensburg,
from shopping at second hand stores.  She had
got a few shirts for a previous boyfriend...and we
decided to deliver them..  We made it 3/4 of the way
up the hill. And it was winter time in Cle Elum.  As
we came around the corner, it was a little more of a
climb than we were dealing with.. and the truck stop
going forward and started to slide backwards.  I
turn the wheel so the rear tires caught the snow bank
on the side.  In those days we didn't have cell phones.
We had cb radio's (citizen band) so we call my house
and my husband's friend Wayne answered.  We told
him our predicament.. and asked if he could call
Skip (her boyfriend) whose house was about 1/4
mile up from where we were.  And have him
come down to help us.  Wayne said sure and
he would get back to us, after he got a hold
of Skip so we would know how much of a
wait we would have.
Wayne called us back in about 10 minutes
and told us that Skip was on his way, but
he is laughing so hard, it is hard to understand
him... Seems he call the number of what he thought
was Skip's house.. and said.. WILDCAT IS IN
YOUR DRIVE WAY.  Then a woman said WHAT?
It was at this time that Wayne figured out it wasn't
Skip....but didn't explain to the woman about WILD
CAT..  hung up.. Then got ahold of Skip.
So some poor woman somewhere, was worried
about the WILDCAT  on her road.  WILDCAT
was my cb name.  Also to add to all of this.. Cherie
had to go pee.. So she step out of the truck on the
snowbank side and proceed to drop her pants to
go pee... then she let out a howl.. Seems when
she relaxed enough to go, she found herself on
a standing up icicle. 
Yep.. Cherie was my Shirley. of our Laverne and
Shirley escapades.
Oh, yea, I forgot the Christmas tree episode... The first
Christmas that Cherie was in Roslyn, she wanted a tree,
for the kids.. I asked her how big.. Up to the ceiling she
said...  A couple days later, Wayne, Marv and the kids
and I were snowmobling... the kids and Marv were
cold, so they went in the house to get hot cocoa.. I
was explaining to Wayne about needing to get a tree
for Cherie.. He said no problem.....come one.. So
I got on the big snowmobile with him with a saw.

We went up in the hills about a mile.. found a great
one.. cut it down.. which took a little bit.  After tying
it up to the snowmobile.. we headed back home.
About half way there, the snowmobile started to
bog down.. So we got off and pulled everything
out of the snow.. and started again, but we walked
with the snowmobile until we got down to the
road.. and around the corner to Cherie's house.
I told her, we have a tree for her.. And it was a
full one like she wanted.  It took all of us adults
to get it inside the house.. she looks at me and
says, I think it is a little big.. lol.. We cut off
2 feet and it still scraped the ceiling..  I think
she lopped off some off the top.. But she had
her full Christmas tree..

tomorrow.. Gal Pal Lorraine. my Lucy

and Ethel partner in crime..

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Anonymous said...

These adventures still make me laugh. We did have many precious times together... Still love you bunches my friend.