Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More gadgets...

I ordered another gadget and it arrived today..
This one is a honestech...VHS to DVD 5.0.

I got it at noon when I went to get the mail.. I couldn't
get it out of the package soon enough.. read ...well, as
well as I read things... I have the man's mindset when
it comes to directions.. Read enough to be dangerous.

After all, how hard can it be, right?  Considering it all,
it wasn't too bad.  One thing, it was a lot smaller than I
thought it was going to be.  Only the size of half of a
pack for cigarettes and half as thick.... but this little
thing does great.

I got it all hooked up.. then put in the disc to the computer,
and went thru all the click here, and there and back there.
Then I thought .. which one do I want to use first.

Had to use the VHS in the bedroom, as the one in the living
room has taken to eating my tapes.  After about 3 tries.. it worked.Found out it has to be hooked to the back of the player and not the front.. don't know why.. but it worked.

Half an hour later it has recorded the whole movie... then went to the burn part.. download it somewhere.. and then said did I want to burn it to dvd... well, yes.. duh..  It did a great job...I tested it in my dvd player.. then it said do you want to burn another.. that took 3 tries and by accident I hit the right button.
It burn another one in 10 minutes..

Oh, this find as kind.. ... well, not quite.. as I screwed up some how and had to do one from scratch again... but the rest did go thru after trial and error.. and now I have 9 copies of this one movie... taken 20 years ago..  now testing them today, get video wrapper to mail them out.. THIS IS GREAT!!

Now got to figure out what ones are worthy to put to dvd.
Sure beats the $60 some odd dollars that it cost me last
year to have it professionally done.

My daughter is in the process of getting 8mm turn into
copies on dvd's as well.. and the lesson we learn there?
Do it asap.. those are up to 50 years old and they are
starting to fade... So if you have some old ones in a box
in the closet.. maybe you should get them out and get
them copied to dvd.. before you lose them. . 

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