Wednesday, March 04, 2015


I just got finish reading a wonderful book called War Bond
by Cindy is a lot of warm stories about marriage.
Each chapter is about another couple.. These couples met
just before, during and some just after World War 2.  And
their marriages. Some fancy with white dresses and etc..
some justice of the peace, with their everyday clothes as
money was tight right after the war. 
And the common ground of all these stories... is that they
are married to this day.. at least to when the book was written,
as some of them have passed away. 

These were not 20, 30 years.... or even 50 years of marriage.
These are 6o and 70 years of marriage... to the same person.
Going thru life thru its bumps, potholes, and frailty of life.
Never giving up on each other.  Cindy hit all of these stories
with great sensibility, getting each one to tell her about the
feelings of their lives then and now....

What a lesson we all could learn from these great people,
especially when marriage is so easy to throw away these
days, you don't even need a reason anymore..  Some one
said that is because we live longer, so we don't want the
same mate for that many years...  I don't understand that
reasoning.. after all, these couples made it... and they lived

80 and 90 years... and did it all with one.  

I am not here to make judgment..  after all I got a divorce once.
And widow once. It lasted 17 years and it was a good
marriage.. with its own bumps and joys. 
And there is some good reasons why to get out of  a marriage..
abuse being a major one, for sure.  Some find that they have nothing in common anymore..with the exception of their kids.
Some have different paths to walk and the marriage isn't a happy place any more. 
But some of us.. look at marriage as disposable.. thankful
mine is not..  We are in it for the duration.. but we did go into
it in our later years..  He  at 47 and never been married.. and me
at 59.  So maybe we are more settled down than the ones in their
20's with stars in their eyes, and great hopes, thinking it is
going to be easy... Which it isn't.. it is a work of love, that
some times you have to give 70% and some times you get 70%.
But it is worth every minute of it.. And we meet all of life together..
which makes life a lot easier to deal with, when you are
stand side by side partners...

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