Tuesday, March 03, 2015


List, we all make them sometime in our lives.
But it seems like lists are taking over my life..

I have a list for groceries, of course.  But also
list and sticky notes, so I don't forget something.
Even have some of that list on the calendar. And
sticky notes on the mirror in the bathroom, so we
won't forget the appt. for the week.  Depending on
where in the week, where the sticky note is. The
higher up ones, are the end of the week.. the
middle of the mirror is tomorrow or the next day.

There is a list of what goes in to my suitcase. So
not only that I don't forget what to put in it... but
also so when I get ready to pack my stuff where
ever I go, I won't leave anything behind.

Then there is the list for what I plan for Thanksgiving
dinner... and the grocery list to go with that. So I know
what to use for supplies.

The list of what has to be done before I go on a trip.
Have one going right now.. for a trip in June.
On that list is what I will need... what the King will
need and what Misty will need... Which is a list under
each name...

There is the list of flowers I want to get this year.. and
a list and drawing where I want to put them..

Then there is the honey do list... which some of it
we will do together... And then there is the goal list,
which has things we want to accomplish this year. 

And being I am having more senior moments as I get
older.. the more important these list become.

Do you do List? 

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