Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here we go again....

We all know that election year running starts sooner each time we have a Presidential one. There have been a few who threw in their hats into the ring, only to run in and take it back out...Romney for one.

There are a few who let rumors run wild, Cruz, and the
Louisiana governor to see if they will fly.. 
And of course, the continue saga of Hillary Clinton.

Now I am not a Clinton fan.. Her husband was not as bad
as the Bush group.. that is when he could keep his pants on.
But there is just something about Hillary, I can't get behind her.

But never the less, there she is, out there with speeches,
testing the waters so to speak before she actually says..
yes, I am running.

She has so much baggage with her.. heck it isn't
luggage, it is steamer trunks... but she has the
Republicans running scared.  You would think with
all the luggage she is carrying, they wouldn't have
to come up with much mud to throw at her, to see
if it would stick. 

So we have the much ado about nothing, email caper.
They are raising cain because she used personal
email instead of government email for doing government
business when she was Sec. of  State.

Well, when you think about how the government gets
hacked from time to time.. and personal not quite so
much... that would be a good thing. Myself.. I would
have been more bent, if she used government email
for personal..  But she turn it all over to the government.
They had changed over to government email right
around the time she got in office.. Then the truth comes
out, the government has the same problem you and I
do.. their computers crash and they lose everything on
it, emails included.. In fact they said, that since they
started it.. that there were over a billion emails done,
and they only had 61,000 in their files.  Plus they
said.. everyone she contacted that worked for the
government, would have had copies of her email
from her as well as their own answers, because
theirs were saved... kind of..   Like I said ..
much ado about nothing.

Going to be a hell of a long election run... I think I will
do like I do with the Voice and American Idol.. wait
until they narrow it down to the finally 3, next June
and then get research on those.. No sense looking into any
candidate that doesn't make it that far. Waste of time.
And then there is always my other option...

NONE OF ABOVE selection. 

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