Monday, March 16, 2015

Leave MY COUNTRY alone....

There was a sign going around in the 1970's
It was due to people trying to change America.

It is a continuing fight.. 10 Commandments
on Federal or State the biggest one.
There are statues around our country, that
are way up in the hills.. and they want them
pulled down..

Get rid of all things on Federal and State
lands or property that pertain to God.
And this still goes on to this day..

What those fools don't understand.. if we got
rid of everything on Federal property that had
anything to do with God.. we would have to
blow up Washington, D.C.  They have no idea
how many buildings have biblical references
on those building somewhere.  Even on top
of Washington Monument.   And then there
is our money of course. 

So if anything religious bothers you.. don't
look at it..

I don't know who I am more upset with...
the people who bring lawsuits to get rid
of the statues and etc... or the people who

allow them to do so... and change things. 

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