Thursday, October 29, 2015


Two more days to the big candy day...
Kids will be out.. usually all ages, as we get
teens as well as little ones.

We live in a small town, so our good nights are
10 kids.. so-so night is about 3.  And that is why
the King has me buy the good candy.. but I have
to hide it from him..

I remember Halloween when I was a kid. but don't
remember going from door to door. Weird. as I am
sure we were the average American family in the
average American town.. but my memory is only
of the granges.  They would have fun and games.
Bobbing for apples in the big wash tub full of
water and apples.. Apples that had a coin pushed
in them..

Then as a teen, I remember going to a friend's
house, in the basement there was a party, heavily
chaperone by the parents.. again the bobbing for
apples, but no coins, and a movie.

Then jump ahead to my own kids, and yes, we hit
the road at dusk and they went from door to door
until 9pm.. and always a big bag of candy.  And
when we got home, they would dump out their
bootie.   I had them divide up their candy in 3rds.
Same type of candy in each one... then they got
one 3rd and I would bag up two bags of the other
2 ...3rds.  And freeze them.. About January we
would take out a bag... and February another bag.

Now my adult kids... have Halloween parties. Some
take the bus to different bars that are celebrating..
and some of them are having the party at their house.
This is a big deal.. lots of decorations..   Some of them
are pretty scary.  Some of the food is pretty scary.
One time there was ribs with chili in the middle..
looking like a bloody body.  Clowns that have
scary faces in the first place and then they added
red lights... this year the Grim up for
the folks who come.  But fun for all..

So Happy Halloween folks.. and don't forget to
set your clocks back on Sunday.



Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The headlines and media rings out with these words...

The trouble is, the people who read or listen to these headlines, don't go any further than that or the first sentence.... because if they did, they would find out there is more to the story. And some of it discounting the headlines..  At least watering it down to common sense...  As they threw in red meat along with these processed meats...  Biggest headline puts out the big word of BACON...   anyone who has read any thing of media that has food in it.. for the past year or more.. Bacon has been a main ingredient...  Bacon wrapped jalapenos... bacon soup, even as far out as BACON ICE CREAM...  so what better way to knock it off the market than.. it causes cancer.

My take when these reports come out.. is the book of 1980's
called LOOKING OUT FOR #1... which turn me into a cynic,
that I am... so I think you can eat anything you want.. just do
it in moderation.. this reminds me in the 1970's, when they
came out that water caused cancer.. all water, not just bottle..
and then 6 months later they came out that AIR caused cancer...
Use to be coffee... but now coffee is ok..  And that is the way
it goes... this year.. XXXX causes cancer... 2 years from
now.. there will be good reasons to eat or drink it..

I think it is safe to say, that what ever kind of farm that has
raises meat... that family eats more of that kind of meat
than other meats..   Meaning if you are a cattle farmer, you
have the tenacity to eat a lot of beef.   If you raise sheep,
you eat a lot of lamb... and if you raise pigs.. they you are
likely eating more pork than the rest of us.  

So with this new report... do they have proof, that more
pig farmers and their families, have more cancer than
the rest of the country?  I thought not...

Oh, going vegetarian.. is not going to help either.. remember
the e-coli scare we had with vegetables.... and of course you
can't eat too much fruit.... after all, they are full of natural

Moderation folks, that is the answer.. not all beer drinkers
or Marguerites drinks are alcoholics.... moderation...

And I wonder.. again.. thank you LOOKING OUT FOR #1..
just who is behind this.. and how long did they do their
study?  Who has something to gain from this??? I don't
want THEY.. or a named committee... but the person's
name who started this study.. and why did he/she start
it?  and etc.  etc.. etc.  

I will give up bacon when they pry my bacon from my death
griping fingers.... lol.. especially if it is wrapped around cheese
filled jalapeno's.....        Joking, people..get a life.. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

60 Minutes Show

Watched the 60 Minutes show on Sunday.
They had about Joe Biden dropping out of the
election race... sadly, this will give Hillary a
boost... and also means the last he will run.
Like I have said before.. I don't know if I
would have voted for him.  I like him as a person
but that doesn't always make a good president.
I know he has misstep a couple times and
got catch being natural with his responds. Things
that wasn't bad to me..  And with the rest of the
ship of fools on the Republican side..
I said.... slim pickings.

The other thing was where the show,... showed
the inside of the room where the government,
like a headquarters of eyes on the world.. where
decisions are made... who to bomb and etc.  I hate
it when they do that..  Now days, what is on
television is no longer just for the United States.
The whole world is watching.. and our enemies
surely are.. so why should we tell them and show
them what we have and can do? 
It goes back to my thoughts of the WWII saying..

I hate it.  

Monday, October 26, 2015

The things you find, when you are looking for something else...

I have been trying to find the vehicle plug in for my GPS...
I have looked thru the car and truck.. nothing.. I have looked
where I had the GPS itself.. Nothing.. One of which was a

Now when I dump out the drawer which is stuff to the max..
I know the plug is not there, but I have committed myself
to going thru the drawer.. after I had to dump it out to find
out if the plug was there.

There are all kinds of papers, so stacked them all together
to go thru after... Then I take all the business cards and
put them in another stack. Guess it became a place to
throw them..

Then there are small books, some of the old daily journals
that I recorded the temps and what was going on in
our lives on that day... 

And half an hour later.. after reading these journals of
2003 to 2005... spotty recordings....  I am back to sorting.
Pictures.. naming the people in them, as some of them
were touch and go.. so while the memory is some what
in tact.. put the names on them...

And here is what I have left... magnets, wire holders for
walls?  old Jamestown, R.I. bridge tokens.. which I don't know
if they still use them or not. There are 'special stones'
special only to me.. As some stones are pretty and smooth
to the touch.. and I like that.. something I have done for years.
Old personal recorded cassettes,  by whom, I am not sure.
So will have to find my little recorder (where ever that is)
and play them and see if they are important.

Small tools, old bottle openers, snap and light lights
for Halloween, which by the way have beer logo's on
them.. not exactly kid friendly.. and an old shell..
Well, you get the picture... and an hour later.. sorted it
out ..drawer only about half full and not stuffed 2 inches
high...  and now to figure out what to do with this
"good stuff"... and no, it doesn't go back to the drawer..

Maybe I should start a time capsule.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another one drops out....

Another could be candidate dropped out of the arena..
Well, I guess I shouldn't say dropped out, as he never
stepped into the arena... he just kept running around the
edges of it.

But I find myself saying... "say it isn't so, Joe."
as I like Joe Biden... did I want him for President?
I don't know.  But at this stage of the game he seems
to be the only one with common sense and a sense
of the common man.........or woman.

I understand why he decided not to throw his hat in the
ring.  Grieve is a hard one... there is no time limit on it.
And as he says, he is just getting to the point where he
can smile when his son's name is mention.. with out
tearing up.  And he feels that there is not enough time
to gather the money and run the gamut.  I would think
12 months would be enough... but I guess these days it

Even with all his goofs up, and his misspoken words, I
like Joe.  He seem to use common sense, which is a rarity
in politic these days.  He didn't hate the other congress
men and women.. he wanted to work with the opposing
party.. another rarity. 

He has to do what is right for his family. And at his
age, he knows he was not only shutting the door on
this election, but all future elections...I don't think he
plans on running for congress either....  and I see this

as a lost for the American people...  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Does any one dance anymore?

Does any one dance anymore?  Is there places besides
bars that have dancing?   And even the bars seem to
be less and less with dancing. 

I realize there are some, especially bars that do have
some of the latest dances.. especially in the bigger
cities.  Ours seems to have a very limited amount
according to my daughter.  As every once in a while
she and her husband will go out to dinner and look
for a place to go dancing. They are into the newer
dances, like in the 1980 (that is newer to me).

But for those older, there really is a limited amount
of places.   And does anyone do the 'OTHER dances?
You know, two step, waltzes, swing and etc.   I know,
I just dated myself. 

But for those of us over 60, is there places that still
play music for dances... besides the Senior Citizen
Centers?  I don't know if Granges, have dances any
more.. besides square dancing.

The King and I have not danced in... well, let's
see, oh, we did dance at my daughters wedding
about 4 years ago, at their house... with relatives.
And even that was rock, I think there might have
been about 3 slow dances in the 4 hours of music.
But before that, we had not danced in about 12
years or more.  Being I am not a very good
dancer, it isn't a big deal.  But once in a while
it would be nice.  By the way, with the hard
rock type, I do a great impression of Elaine
on Senfield show. Those who use to watch
the Senfield show, know what I mean.

So the question is.. do you dance? and where do

you dance? 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just how many do I need.. or we need?

So here I was with my rainy day... time to get those
indoor things done... Mainly bringing out the winter
clothes and putting away the summer clothes.

A couple of weeks ago, I straighten out the King's
drawers in hopes that things could be put away...
Instead of the man's put away system.  Which means
pile up on top of his dresser.

Over all it was a losing battle..  As he has one drawer
full of his Lost in the 50's  shirts.   Then there is the
drawer that has all his orange tee's from his flagging
days.  Then there is the drawer with his plain but with
a pocket on the chest, drawer.. There is his pj drawer,
his sock drawer.. which must have at least 50+ pairs
and these are just the white ones.  I forgot what was in
the rest of his drawers, but certainly no room for his
Carhart tee shirts which is the ones he likes to wear
to work. Which is on top of the dresser.  Next to his western
handkerchief stack.  The other dresser isn't any better.
He has one drawer full of his under shorts. Stuffed full.
how many can he wear?  And he only wears the top 4
anyway, because he puts them back after they are washed
and takes them out next as they are on top.

But after giving a bad time of how many he had.. I asked
him how many socks does he need? how many tees does
he need?   And etc. Only to do my change of seasons
to find out I had 32 tee shirts... I have a drawer full of
plain tee's.... a drawer of tee's with words or pictures,
and that doesn't count my tank tops.   The difference
was... I sent a bag to Goodwill yesterday, actually
2 bags, then other clothes I haven't wore for 5 years..
And my drawers are still full... and I have
a bag put away for next summer.  Just how many tee's
does one need?  And like the King, I have the tenacity
to pick out one of the top 4.. but I am getting better at
that.. I started pulling from the back and bottom.
And I don't even want to talk about my closet. It is
ridiculous... I did get rid of some of it.. But when I
put my sweat shirts and sweaters and jeans in there
with the year round.. well it is full again. 

But some days I feel like something blue. and some days
red.. or this tee because my son gave it to me.. or that tee
because my Aunt Harriet gave it to me..  Well, you get
the idea.

I really got to admire  the minimalist.. you know those
people who go thru there stuff and get rid of everything
except what they actually have to have.    

Monday, October 19, 2015

Busy... canning and jamming is our game...

The King and I have been busy for the past  couple of weekends
in between him hunting..

Here is where we were jamming this past weekend...
the X on the ones, is an experiment.. we came across
some product that you can make jam without cooking. And  
it doesn't take a lot of sugar. in fact it is inside
the package with the Certo. We didn't know about that..
So we made the far ones, the regular way.. cooking
and then did the second batch with the new stuff. 
Surprisingly the flavor was great
But we did bath them at the end.. to have them 
seal...even though they said you didn't have to do that...
 We will see how it goes. 

This is two batches..... one of them is marinara sauce and the other is sweet relish. 

This is the peach batch

This is the first batch of marinara sauce...

Up next is making chocolate zucchini bread..

These are all Christmas gifts in the making...
The King and I did well..this time.. lol.. we do projects 
all the time together..but one would wonder if we are
going to kill each other before it is done.. and these 
actually went very smooth. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What was the fizz sound of Tuesday night?

Oh, it was the Democratic Debate....
Being I can't get CNN, I didn't watch it..
so depended on internet for results...

One of the social networks.. Facebook was
all a buzz after the Republican Debate, so
headed there first... NOTHING.. nil.. no one
was even talking about how well anyone
had done.  Not even the Republican friends
I have .. didn't do a grand slam on it.

So googled it... and the one that had the most
was CNN...which of course was the channel
of choice for the debate..  Well,  they sure do
love Hillary... she won by a grand slide.
Surely that can't be true.. so looked further.

Then came to Fact Check.. which after reading
about 10 minutes of remarks on which ones that
the candidate goofed up on or flat out lied.. I
took away the feeling of .. it was about the one
who lied the least... as none of them were full of
true facts.. some where fibs, or maybe opinions..

But the best part, was the best line of the night..
Hillary's remark as she bravo herself on her
keeping Wall Street in line...  with her statement of
and I basically said, ‘cut it out!"
now how many mothers have I heard
say that over the years to their kids, as
the kids ignored them?  Isn't that an old
Jack Benny line?

This was said in what? 2007.. well we saw how
well that worked.. right?  and I can hardly wait
for her to be President (NOT) and tell I.S.I.S.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In need of some rainy days...

I am in serious need of rainy days.
See the weather has been so great, that
I have been working out in the yard still.

I have pulled weeds, transplanted some
of the plants that didn't work out well,
where they were.

But I have some work to do in the house.
I have some winter clothes to get out.. after
all these mornings are telling us that Fall
is here and winter is coming.. Coming
slowly, which is the way I prefer, but
coming never the less.

But as I see the need, the different things
I really should be doing inside.. I can't let
go of the sun on the deck. Warm enough
to sit there for lunch. Or just a cup of tea
in-between different chores.

So I can't be inside the house.. I would
feel guilty that there is stuff I can do outside,
and enjoy the sunshine.. and the slight breeze
from time to time..  It calls my name at about
10 every morning.. And I know there aren't
many days left.

So bring on the rain.. even if it is just for two
days. Make it really rain, not these sprinkles
we get. Have it pour down the driveway..
give me the sound on the tin roof...  I
can keep myself busy and still have that
cup of tea.  Just two days is all I need.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Junk Mail...

Every day...junk mail.. some days
more than others..

Most of it comes in my legal name.. and
now some is showing up in my nickname.

I wish there was a non call for non mail..for
junk mail.. There was a number one time I
saw that supposedly you could do that.. Only
trouble was.. they wanted my SS # ... and
that is not going to happen. 

But I don't want their magazines, nor do I
want their fancy newsletters, or even their
kitchen ware.  Or how to earn a lot of money
or secrets that the banks and lawyers don't
want you to know.

So it all goes in to file zzz ... the shredder.
and occasionally I return it to them in
their own envelope.  After all if they are
going to give me a stamped envelope..
the least I can do is use it..  So I mail
the coupon with my address on it..and
write in large letters.. 
PLEASE..  after all you should get a little
bit ahead if you are polite.. right?  Well,

worth a try. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

There was a lady.. and our hearts are broken...

Our county and for that matter the world, got some
sad news on Friday...

The night before, we had heard that a plane had
crashed on one of our mountain tops......

And Friday morning the news went thru the valley
like a wild fire....  it was Pam Bird... 

Dr. Pam Bird.... wife of Dr. Forrest Bird.. who had
just passed away in August.  While we all viewed
Dr. Forrest Bird death a great sadness.. he was also
in his 90's.   But with Pam, she was way too young.
To be snatched from all of our lives, is heart breaking
for all.  For her family, of course, without saying. Her
close friends... of course.. And for all of us who knew
her.. definitely.   Most of us would probably be under
the line of acquaintance..... but Pam made us all feel
like the valuable word FRIEND, applied.   I doubt that
Pam Bird ever met a person who she didn't like.. and
with infectious smile, you had to smile back.

Our own.. my husband and I.. is just a half of a drop
in the bucket of her life.  I met her at the Bird Aviation
Museum, like a lot of us... My husband introduced her
to me.. and her way was like you were the most important
person she has met.

My husband met her on the road... See he was a flagger
for 3 years for Bonner County road works.. And part of
the roads that they took care of,  was on the way to the
Bird Aviation Museum.. or even to their home..
As soon as she knew the road crew was in the area, she
would come down to where they were working and stop
and talk to them.. and tell them.. "now you know lunch is
on Forrest and I... you all be sure to go to lunch at the cafe
at the Museum."  And she meant it.  And some times
meet the crew at the cafe, to make sure they got the sandwich
of their choice with soup and drinks.  And if they didn't
show up, she would stop by to see why and was sad because
they didn't come down.  After the crew found out she was
quite serious about it.. they always went down.. and always
told her and her workers .... thank you..  And she would always
say.. no .. THANK YOU..     That was just Dr. Pam Bird...
A highly educated, highly professional, and inventor, author
and wife of a very well known Dr. Forrest Bird... who was
just like you and I.

God Pam.. we know you are with your love of
your life..   You said what you missed was your conversations
with your dear Forrest.. well, I guess you are talking once
again...  But we weren't ready for you to go...  

So rest in peace dear Pam Bird, with your friends the Hensley.
Know the reunion was a joyous one, with Forrest.


Thursday, October 08, 2015

Phase two of gardening.....

Nope, not talking about winterizing the garden..
Got that done a couple weeks ago...

This is the phase that comes in October to December.
The  canning... last week it was peaches.  Yesterday
was marinated sauce, our second case of it.
Next week is the second series of sweet relish,
and followed by sauerkraut.

Then to be followed by Blueberry jam, from the
blueberries we picked from Shingle Mill Road
Blueberry Farm.

Then in November starts the zucchini bread.
All that shredded zucchini in the freezer
comes to play.  I put 2 cups of shredded
zucchini in each bag.. We had our zucchini
plus the neighbor down the road send us
several by the way of their children.. Who
could say no.. not me..  lol
So they are ready for the bread
making. That is the expensive side of it all.
All the flour, brown sugar, eggs, and etc.

If I am lucky, I will have it all done by Dec. 1st.
As a lot of these will end up in gift baskets for


Wednesday, October 07, 2015


I know they are here somewhere.. because I have seen you com out of this door with them. 

This might turn out to be a problem... it is cute the way.. do squirrels hibernate? like bears do?  Or will this little girl be coming down to find peanuts in the snow..

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I have come to the conclusion, that hate is a lot of work.

Just watching people, who talk about things that are bad to
them.. that they hate it.. or them..  So much work goes into
that hate.. to maintain it.  Keeping up with the lies that usually
go with it.

Even Facebook, you see so many post about something
that the person hates..  And the past it along.. most of it
based on lies.. But they don't care.

Even  an innocent post can bring on such hateful comments.
Some about the news.. or even if some one request help
on something... there will be people who will leave the
most hateful comments. A lot of them about the person
who started the comments.. even though they have never
met that person... and doesn't know anyone who has. Just
because the person asked for help on something, that hate
full person makes assumptions of the character, because
of their need.

I just don't get it..  I can't think of anyone or anything I
hate.  I don't like some people.. and some things.. but
can't honestly say I hate them.

I heard one time.. that one hates something because they
fear it.   They hate what they don't understand.. so fear it.
It is the unknown I guess....... but it does make sense,

most of the time. 

Monday, October 05, 2015

And the survey said...

FORWARNING.. if you aren't interested in
small town government.. then by pass this
post, as it is LONG!! .
And I will see you in another day or two.

About a month ago, the town had a survey sent out
to the residents.  The purpose was to see how the
town was doing.. what would you like to have and
not like to have in the town.

I forgot how many households we have here in our
little title town of 660+. But they said that only 15%
of the people return the survey...  Which is kind of
normal.. some people just don't like survey's, I guess.

After the survey's went out..  they had 3 meetings.
The getting to know you meeting at the elementary
school. There was about 8 or 10 HOME TEAM.
What ever that was suppose to mean. They were
people of different resources. One was from the
Idaho Transportation Department. There was a
man who dealt in small business loans, and the
was one to do with economy (not sure what he
was going to do) and to be honest with you, I
don't remember what the other experts were.
There were 2 residents there. One man and my
self.  Then a little bit later another resident
showed up but he was also on the HOME TEAM.
Being his family was here before the beginning of
time, sort of... I guess his expertise was history
of the town.  

Next day came the "Listening" meeting at the
city hall.  Suppose to be 4 or 5 one hour long
meetings.  But I guess because of the lack of
interest the night before, they narrowed it down
to ... one hour..  Of which there were 3 of us
and the head of the HOME TEAM.  There was
the EMT, who does not live here, but does deal
with the people and streets of our little town.
This time there was a man who does business in
our little town... but lives else where. So he gave
information of what he thought our town could use
from the business stand point.
We were to answer questions that the HOME TEAM
asked... What do you like about our town?  What do
you not like about our town?  What is it you don't want
to see come to our town? and what assessment do you
make on the town?  This was an discussion but also
what we were to write down on the paper that they gave
us which with out our names on it.. was collected at the
end of the meeting.

And last but not least... was the meeting that was held
at the old Coldwater Creek building.. When it was mention
the night before.. I said they better have some good directions
there, as the buildings are 4 large ones and most of us
don't know anything about any of the buildings. They
reassured us they would.    NOT....
We, as in a couple, and a man and myself.. went into the
only building that had a light on.  No one was there and
the meeting was to start in  8 minutes. Some house keepers
came by, and didn't know what we were doing there.. but
did try to find out what was going on for us.. But no luck.
So we went out side and another man and a woman join
us as we walked around the parking lot like zombies..looking
for a building that was lit up.  Nothing.  The couple went for
a drive around all the buildings and came up with the proper
place. The one woman gave me a ride to where that was.
Meaning we were 10 minutes late because of lack of directions.

But at least this one was hopeful, as there was about 20
people there besides the HOME TEAM.  Two of our ex
mayors were there.. a couple of business owners and
several of us residents..(about 4 of us)

It seems that the 15% of the people who did answered
the survey... which totaled 51 people... 67 % women,
33% men.  80% of them were over the age of 56. and
88% lived here and 12% were outsiders.(business

For the most part, the survey people liked the town just
the way it is... with maybe a slight twitting.

It started off with to me.. Bonner county likes.. Fire Dept.
Library, schools from K-12  and Emergency/health care.
All of which we get from the County, mainly Sandpoint.
City wise.. like our water dept. (which is from Sandpoint)
appearance (but didn't like the cluttered junk cars) and
the housing availability.

Low bar was lack of sidewalks, lack of jobs in the town,
and cluttered yards.
High points was also Bonner County.. which was
Farmer's market and entertainment.
Low level was .. lack of support of downtown of our
town. Which really is non-existing.  Where can you
have a parade?  That there really isn't services and
products in the own.

Some of the wants was... low growth, lake access,
better park maintenance.  Concerns about storm
They did like the property taxes were low. and
housing was affordable.

What surprised the HOME TEAM, was there was no
mention of Coldwater Creek building, in any way..
not the closing, or what is coming in it.. NOTHING

Things of the future... were the Railroad Street
area, which belongs to the state of Idaho, not the
city.  Which has a small area of commercial zone. 
Also the concern of the congestion of that area,
the safety, and pedestrians as the growth on the
south side of Highway 200. As there is a area
that will house the museum and the Tractor Club
garage.  Along with the possible small stores, bar?
restaurant and etc.  What can be done? Lower
the highway's speed limit from 45 to lower?
Also was mention.. limited some highway access. Which
to me is questionable.  Anyone who has ever come to our
town.. knows there is only one way out. and that is a big
problem at 7:30am.. It is only by the grace of the drivers
coming from Hope, Clark Fork, Montana and north
of our town, that we get out on the highway. And if you
don't work.. you don't try to get out of town for an hour
during that time.  Even getting back in out own town
at 4pm can be tricky.

So last but not least, was the survey's wants (and the
people at the meetings) was more walking safe zones.
Clean up properties,  have more community programs.
They mention the school as one of the place.. (but I
guess no one told them that the school already does
have things there.  Church, rummage sales, games,
school events and etc.

The HOME TEAM mention more retail near the school
(don't know how that would happen.. who wants to
get rid of them homes that surround the school?)
More youth events.  Build up the business area of
Highway 200. filling up empty stores.
Have movie night at the Park (I presume in the
summer)  Have Easter egg hunts.  Have food
vendors, mobile one (guess they didn't know we
had one and he moved out because of lack of
They thought to revise the park, open it up, take
down the one fence.. or maybe have a dog park
there for off lease dogs..
To have a retail area at the corner of McGhee Road
and 2nd Avenue.  Open up 2nd Avenue and connect
to the rest of town.. (which the city has been working
Have train theme on the south side of the Highway
200 in the commercial zone.  To define our image.
Old logging town, Village and etc.
Build up and join the town, the Sandpoint Tech
Center.. which most of us didn't have clue what
that was.. until it was mention the Coldwater Creek area.
By have a call center and tech jobs there.
They named different business we could have, like the
coffee shop we use to have before the owner retired.

They mention getting grants for some of these.. but they
also mention the two terror's of any town residents... One
that have been voted down before..  L.I.D. AND U.R.D.
just the thought of a Urban Renewal District and mere
mention of L.I.D. sends our residents in to fits. 

One of the things I didn't see them or hear them  address,
at least I didn't hear it.. was the average income of the
resident of our town. I venture to say, that half of our
town is retirees.. We are a bedroom town.. meaning
people live and sleep here, but they work else where.
Not high income people.

Anyway.. it will be interesting to see where the town
takes all of this.  Because the general census is ... leave
our town alone.. we like it just the way it is.. well, maybe
a few things.. like a mom and pop restaurant...and bar-b
que in the park once a year.  and CLEAN UP THE YARDS.

And that is my humble understanding of what all the meetings

were. Like anything else.. it is all up to the beholder.