Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bad Economy? Where?

Depression, bad economy? Guess it is only for you and I.

Not the over $150,000 group. How can you explain $32,000
for a birthday party for a girl? And after spending the $32,000.
then the little darling kid blew a gasket because there was a
PURPLE bird instead of the BLUE bird as a decoration.
This is after her mother paid for a white Cinderella carriage to
bring this little Darling to the hall that the party was at.
The party arranger said it was common for parents to spend
$4,000 and up for a kid’s party. Back yards dressed up as barns,
(we had the real deal as kids) circus with real elephants and so
may other designs and etc.

Then of course we have the movie stars who are paid millions
for a movie. Television actors and host who are paid thousand
per show. And your football, basketball players getting
millions for their year of play. Businesses that throw parties for
their best employees in the higher upper level (surely not the
employees who make the product and the reason why those
CEO’s and etc. have money). Then there are the reports of
birthday parties for dogs costing thousands.

Yea, yea, I know this is only the upper 20 per cent of the
population. But it is hard to explain the poor economy when
CEO’s are still getting bonus that is more than the average
Joe makes in 5 years… and more than the lower level will
ever see in their lifetime.

Every time I hear about these spendages.. (is that a word?)
I think of the Queen of England a 100 years or more ago..
When ask about some of the same in her country and asked
about the poor… Let them eat cake.

And if I hear one more time from these pompous asses, about
the poor wanting to be poor, or that we all are too lazy to get
a good education, I will throw up on their pompous lapel.
Not everyone had good breaks, not everyone had parents who
were well off enough to pay for college for their kids. And for
my generation, where women were only to be clerks or nurses
until they get married, there wasn’t college. There are a few
who dug in tooth and nail and paid for their own college, taking
years to do it bit by bit.. Being ridiculed. They should be applauded.
Some of us knew we would never be able to grab the golden ring.
but we worked hard and broke even. And learn to be happy with
less… But really come on… in these hard times with so many not getting 3
meals a day..still some children living in cars with their parents or homeless
on the street… spending $32,000 for a birthday party for a 9 year old.


Margie's Musings said...

That is why I don't watch that nonsense. It is just stupid. There's enough stupidity in real life without watching it on TV.

Bay Views said...

As we stand still in the doldrums of severe economic failure, we are going to see much more than just Wisconsin adjusting their way of life.
Those of us that remember real hard times know it can and this case probably will get worse. We have priced ourselves out of the world market so that we no longer can manufacture and sell our products. A severe adjustment will continue until this imbalance is cured.

Spendage might not be a word, but I like it better than expenditure.