Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl

Now if I am blogging on a football game you know
I am out of ideas of what to write about.

I do like football, and especially the Super Bowl.
I usually don’t watch it with others though.. See
there is something about an old gal jumping up
and yelling “go, go, go, run you SOB, go (except I
don’t use the ititals) … kind of puts off other

But this year was a little different . The King
watched as well. He really isn’t a football
fan. He has watched it at the neighbors
when they are making smokies and etc.
and Super Bowl Sunday, he usually finds
some where to go while I watched.

But this year he really got into watching.
and it was a great game. When it comes to
Super Bowl, I don’t care if my team is there
or not. It is nice if they are… but I care if it is
a good game. A close game. And this one was.

But I got to tell you that the entertainment sucked.
The gal from Glee did a great job, but from there on
the entertainment went down hill. The blonde Christine
What ever.. destroy the song. And what the heck was
with the half time show? I am not talking about just
the singing.. it isn’t my generation type of song, but
the showmanship or what ever you want to call it
was horrible.

And then there is the commercials. One almost watches
those as much as the game.. and this year was sure
wanting. The Babies were great, as usual. The Bud was
just ok… and the Doritos was horrible.. it sure had
a great eek factor to it.. or EEWH… sucking on another
guys fingers… smelling someone else’s pants??? They
need to fire the guy who came up with that one.

So game ..100% Commericals 40% and Entertainment 5%
Is my rating.

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Margie's Musings said...

Those are the reasons I couldn't watch it. The commercials were yukky and there were so many of them.