Tuesday, February 15, 2011


February 15 , 2011
Blondes, Redheads, Brunettes, or Black Hair?

Which is your ideal color of hair for the opposite sex?
When watching people, which one of the opposite
sex do you tend to be drawn to?

Most women like blondes, just as men seem to be
drawn to blonde women. Blonde men seem to be
pretty boys as the old saying goes.

Some men love redheaded women, but redheaded men
don’t fair as well.

Then brunette (dark brown) men and women seem to be favorites,
as well. And those who don’t like blondes seem to like brunette’s

Some think black hair is exotic in women. And
women seem drawn to men with black hair as well.

Myself, I love black hair men. My father has black hair, wonder,
if that makes a difference in our preference? Also the King
use to have black hair. I have even as a teen and in my adult life
been always drawn to black hair.. Even the movie stars and singers
I like 99% of them have black hair… And of course my favorite, Johnny
Cash, being the man in black. I also prefer roughed faces than pretty
faces.. but that is another day and post.

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