Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Invasion of Privacy

These words are kind of old fashion, as there is not privacy any more.
Over the years I have tried to keep below the radar. Not that I have done
anything illegal or things I would be ashamed of. Well, not where people knew
of them, just dumb kid stuff, never involving the law. So I have nothing to hide,
that I am aware of… I just don’t like people knowing my business. That is
why I sign the opt out on everything.

Years ago, I felt sorry for the people who ran for office. Be it local or national.
There was a man who was going to run for President and he picked a nice
man who was going to be his Vice President choice. But the media found out
that this man had gone thru mental therapy in the past… Good bye, Vice
President slot forever. Then there is Hart and several others who fouled
up during the run and lost their reputations. Most recently Edwards.

I always felt bad for them. Especially the ones who were honest citizens.
But because of some flak of information of their past, their lives went
down hill. No one seems to be safe. Look at Bush Jr’s group who
passed around stories about McCain’s adopted daughter, saying she was
his love child. So as you can see truth doesn’t even count. Luckily
McCain was able to recover from the stories, but not for that year of
a run for the Presidency

We think we are above that. We think we go day after day, thru our
lives and no one knows much about us. Which is so far from the truth.
We enter a building, there is most likely a camera somewhere recording
when we enter and leave. The Internet has site after site with our
name on it. I know a couple of years ago I googled my name and scared
the daylights out of me.. it not only told where I lived and worked but it
also told who my neighbors were and their phone numbers. Any one could
call them and tell them that they want to surprise me so could they tell when
I was home. Then come over when I wasn’t and rob my place. Not that
I have anything worth robbing. But still.

And with Facebook, well that just screams with our every
move, whether we are on Facebook or not. Even if you have a low-keyed
Facebook site you are not safe. Because your friend might not be
low-keyed at all. They tag you with some pictures. So there you are,
partying, doing something not in the best interest for your boss to see.

Also the wide spread internet of doctors, insurance, and so many other
Public documentation, that records bits and pieces of your life. A weave
that we have no idea how far it leads.

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Margie's Musings said...

Scary, isn't it?