Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Treating a cat can be such fun

Our cat, Rokon, we found out had an abscess cheek.
We should have had a clue as she was running around
over the weekend like possessed by demons of hell.

At first we thought she had a sprit of kittenhood. With
her running from room to room as she does once in
a great while with the dog in chase or her chasing the
dog. But then on Sunday morning just before church
I saw something on her cheek and thought it was some
dirt for food. I got a napkin and wiped it away. Don’t
want to gross you out as it was touch and go for me for
a few seconds.. Being we were just heading out the
door to church, I grabbed some bag balm and put it on
for a quick fix.

I went online that afternoon to see what could be done
before we took her to the vet. There was several things,
but mostly it was to put peroxide to clean it out and then
several choices of oils or creams. We decided on an
antibacterial cream. And that was the beginning of the fight.

I figured if I could wrap her up in a towel, the chances of getting
scratched were lowered. Which worked for about 4 seconds as
she wiggled out of the bottom of the towel and was on the run.
Luckily I had previous experiences with this cat for baths, so
I closed every available door for escape.

Revising plan A- I got TWO towels… wrapped in one, starting
around the neck, keeping front paws covered and inward. Second towel
wrapped around body, and long enough to cover rear feet, and
be brought back up to middle, lay on cat, on couch. Keeping my face
away from hers.. Now I have a really pissed off cat, who the demons
of hell were coming from her twisting head… while the King squirted
the peroxide thru the wound, blotting it, and then putting the cream on it.
Of which the King yelled, CLEAR… and I let her go.

The cat disappeared under some furniture but we also
noticed Misty the dog wasn’t to be seen either. As we looked
around the room, we both spotted her… There is a small
rocking chair that the King usually throws his sheep lined
jacket like shirt… and there she was.. laying as flat as she
could get herself..with just her eyes above the material …
much like an alligator. With the looks of fear on her face as she
looked back at us.. I guess when she heard the screams
coming out of her pal, the cat, she decided she was going under
the radar, because she was going to make sure she wasn’t next.

We get to repeat this twice a day… today didn’t go any better than
yesterday, but the wound looks better. Oh, and Misty, well, this time
she sat in one of the other chairs, looking at us very suspiciously.
She doesn’t know what her pal did, but she wants no part of it.


Margie's Musings said...

My cat once had a cyst on her back and I had to go through those gyrations. They are frightened about anything different.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Hope you take her to the vet. Have you tried scruffing her as well as the towel?