Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scared of Dying?

Scared of dying? Hell, no… We are scared of living.
It isn’t the living itself… it is the pay for it. Paying for
to stay healthy … and when you aren’t healthy.

Then there is health insurance… just this week the King
got notice that his insurance is going up $40 a month more.
He was going without insurance for 4 years. Pay as you
go was what we did.. if we didn’t have the money, we did
not go to the doctor. But he was scared, because if he got
seriously sick, we could lose our home. So we health insurance

The cheapest we could find was $365.66 a month. Just for him.
That was with $10,000 deductible. That means the first $10,000
was on us. But it did allow 4 doctor visits a year. Well, now
a year is up and they want $40 more a month, sending it to $405.66.

Where do we find the extra $40 is the question. Shave our food
budget? As the rest of our bills are the usual,. utilities, and gas for
the car. We don’t have a credit card bill. And it is 2 more months
to his summer job. Oh, well, we will figure it out… usually do.

Yep, it isn’t the dying, it is the living that scares you.

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Margie's Musings said...

Terrible, isn't it? I take it the King is not old enough for Medicare?

My supplement for Medicare takes 1/6 of my total income.