Wednesday, February 16, 2011

None of our Business

None of our business

Newsweek front cover headline screams EGYPT “How Obama Blew it
Seems there is a new reporter who feels Obama should have not only ran to the protester’s support but also he flub the Iran protestors rising of months ago as well.

Obama has for the most part said that Egypt’s people have decided .
To me this was a good thing/thinking. It is not our business. And when Obama lean towards Mubarak stepping down, Israelis and Saudi Arabia were upset with Obama, according to this reporter. They thought Obama should have propped up Mubarak. Why? Because they want the USA to prop up their guys incase it goes
that way in their country. But it is none of our business to decide the politics of another country.

I have to ask this reporter…. what would he think of other countries outside of the USA, propping up our President, if the people of the USA had decided we had enough of ours? (of course we do have a process to do so.)
But if we decided not to wait for that process… would we put up with another country or countries deciding what is right for us? I don’t think so.

There is talk of a having a United Nations Consul to handle complaints on how to handle everyone’s child…no matter what country they live in.. including ours. I am sorry, I don’t want ANY country telling us how to raise our children or to have anything to do about our children. Too many different cultures, too many different ideas of what is right. But I especially don’t have it in me to have another country tell me how to raise my kids. (thankfully mine are grown, but my grandchildren shouldn’t have to deal with it either).

USA is not the answer to solving others problems, nor are the other countries to be the answer to how to handle our affairs. We have a hard enough time in our own country without outside help. I am sure the other countries feel the same about us.

I know that what other countries do, effects us in more ways than one, but it is not for us to tell them how to run their country.(our success rate in the past has not been good when we did step over the line) . and these who proclaim to know how things should be run.. would be the first to scream if other countries came over here and started to tell us how to run our country.


Margie's Musings said...

Our main problem is we are financially propping up many countries. We are paying for the expenses of the Egyptian army.

We need to cut out foreign aid. If a country cannot make it on their own, why should we pay to prop it up. Our own people have needs and one of them is this budget crisis.

Word Tosser said...

We have been supporting Egypt since 1956... I know this as my teacher told us of several countries that our country was sending money to at that time.. hundreds of thousand of dollars and even millions to some. The lesson she was teaching us, was that we sent money to countries that hated us.. and how that didn't make sense.. the biggest one at the time was EGYPT!!
That stuck in my mind and that was over what 55 years ago?