Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President Day

Remember when we use to celebrate Lincoln’s on February 12th and
Washington’s on February 22? I know we got Washington’s day off
from school…. Don’t remember if we got Lincoln’s Day off or not.

Then someone came up with a better (?) idea… Let’s celebrate both of
them on the same day. AND let’s always do it on the 3rd Monday of February.
The down fall of all of this nonsense is, do the kids in school know which
day is Lincoln’s birthday and do they know the real date of Washington’s birthday?

All of this of course, has worked out greatly for the commerce… after all
what is the good of having a 3 day weekend, without celebrating with
a great car sale weekend, or furniture sale weekend… and what ever other
places want to have a special day to get rid of their left over Christmas
products that didn’t sell?

I still like the stories of Lincoln and Washington childhoods… wonder if
they are still allowed to talk about how George disappointed his father
by chopping down the cherry tree? And reportedly said he wouldn’t lie
and told his father the truth about who did it? Do you suppose the Correct
Police have discontinued that story because they were afraid it might
promote crime of chopping down a trees?

(little Idaho humor, do you suppose that lesson was lost on Mr. Hart
of our Idaho Congress?)

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