Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's a Lost Art...

I was watching television the other day when they were
interviewing a man who wrote a book. The book was
about writing thank you notes.

I forgot what brought him to the start of writing thank you notes,
A friend who wrote one to him? He found a relative’s thank
you note? What ever it was, he decided to start writing them
himself. And because of that, he wrote the book. He talked
about how good the person who receives one feels.
And I can testify to that… as I have received some over the years,
which I have kept.

I have a daughter-in-law who writes them and has my grandson(her
step son), write one for cards he has received from me. And that really
impressed me about her.

I can remember it as a chore, when I was young. My mother MADE
me write thank you notes for everything and anything. And I MADE
my children write thank you notes to their grandmother because I
knew I would be TOAST… if they didn’t.

In my adult years I have written a few of them. But not enough. There
has been times, when I have said thank you in person, but after I left
them, I thought about how really grateful I was for what they did for me.
I should have written them thank you notes…

So I have made a promise to myself to be better about that. So I am
going to buy some neat thank you cards, and thank those in my life
that I appreciate. Too many times we take people in our lives for granted.

How about you? Is thank you notes a lost art with you? Have you
thought about something some one did for you… and you wanted
to thank them… and figured saying it to their face was enough?

I can’t write out thank you notes to my readers as I don’t have their
personal address… so this will have to do…

THANK YOU, so very much for coming here from time to time.. taking
time out of your day … to read what I have written. And for those who
like Margie, who have left comments … an extra thank you. I humbly
thank each and every one of you… be you read it only once, or for those
who come back day after day. You are what makes this still fun.


Margie's Musings said...

Yes, I write thank you notes. I was taught that it is the proper thing to do.

Dogwalk said...

BacchusYep. Those of us of a certain generation do. I can remember when my Mom quit sending my nephew gifts because he could never be bothered to write. And that was her generation! Lol. We, unfortunately, are used to it.

Dogwalk said...

Don't ask me how Bacchus got in there! LOl.

Anonymous said...

As Dogwalk said, it's a generational thing. I do all the time, as with writing letters by hand, another lost art. A thank you note is such a nice thought, but we are lost in those things these days. Thanks for the story. The Stickman