Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roads..and Bridges...For Sale or Rent

I was reading the latest Newsweek and there is a reporter
Niall Ferguson, (humm, seems he wrote something else I
didn’t like a week or so ago) about selling different things
in the USA, so to help out the economy.

At face value I was upset, sell our places in the USA? How
Un-American. Isn’t it bad enough we have sold so much to
the Japanese years ago? And almost lost our ports to Dubai
Ports World last year or before? What about the toll bridges
leased in Indiana to a Spanish company and an Australia investment
Company? Even Chicago is suppose to have leased out one of
their toll bridges.

Then I got to thinking… he is dead wrong because he is thinking
other nations. But I think it has great possibilities here with in our
own borders. How so, you asked? Well, just think of it…

Amway-Amtrack? Kohlers-Tennessee Valley Authority?
Sunkist could take over a highway in Florida. How about
NASCAR take over some roads in North Carolina? Taco Bell
Overpass. The ideas are endless… Washington could have
Microsoft Highway. Idaho could have theirs.. up here in Kootenai
County there could be Hagadone Highway.

After all if we can have different companies take over stadiums,
why not have them take bridges, and highways… I don’t mind
driving down Budweiser Highway, or over the Go-Daddy Bridge.
Wisconsin Dairy could take over some of their roads. After all who
cares what the road is called. I have been over road and bridges
with men’s names on them and I don’t have the vaguest idea who
they are. Think of the free advertisements for these roads and bridges.

And then there is the companies hiring their own supervisors, surveyors,
and road building crews. Endless jobs, that should help the economy
for sure.

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Margie's Musings said...

That's an idea alright. The problem would be if they would do maintenance and keep them in good repair.

Cities and counties don't do a very good job now.

After this terrible winter with all the snow, our city streets are in terrible shape.