Saturday, February 12, 2011


We were watching the Egyptians celebrating the stepping
down of their President after 30 years. All the protesters
who stuck it out for 18 days, enjoyed that they won the battle.

We were amazed at how little of the people were injured
or died. There didn’t seem to be many harm until the President’s
men paid for thugs (their word) to ride in on camels and horses
and beat people with sticks and other items. There is also the
man who drove his car over several people. But considering
other uprisings, it was all done with little bloodshed. Seems
the most we saw, were on the media… Reporters and etc.
and even that was by the ones who supported the President.

We were also surprise by the army that stood by for all those
days, without beating the protestors. They seem to be there
to keep order of sorts, and to just stand by. Even the protestors
seem to like them.

As we watched.. my guy, the King asked a very good question. If such
a thing had been done here. If there were people who marched on
to Washington, D. C. what would have happen? We both figured
it would not be as it was in Egypt. We figured first would be the
police taking people… dragging them away to jail. And if those
who put their hands up to protest and to protect their faces,
could end up being beaten with billy clubs or maced and even tastered.

Then the National Guard would be called in.. and who knows, maybe
a repeat of Kent College, where shots would be fired. And as far as
Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and etc. We already know what they would
do about that.

I wish Egypt and the citizens of Egypt well. May they have a fairly
quiet election, and find some one that most of them like (it is never
all) and they can get on with their lives. And hopefully better lives for
all. They did well.. they brought a lot more dignity to protesting than
other country’s have.

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Margie's Musings said...

Did you see on the news the billions of dollars and the luxurious homes that president had? And most of the people there live on less the $2 a day. What a racket! It's good he's gone even though he did our dirty work for us.