Thursday, February 17, 2011


We have all loan money to friends and family at one time or
another. But then comes a time where you stop loaning to
some one who borrows often. Or if you feel it is abused, you
stop. And another reason to stop is when you are shorting
yourself. You just don’t have it. And you surely don’t borrow
yourself and then loan some of that money to someone else.

So why does the United States do that. We have loan so much
money out to all kinds of countries. And have been doing for years.

I remember in 1956, during a history class our teacher told us about
how the United States gave money to other countries, even tho
they hated our country. This came up because of a new country
was being given money to help them get started. That would be
Israel I remember this as we were all shocked because of the amounts
of money. Our teacher reassured us that many of these countries
hated us, so we asked why were we giving them money? Our teacher
couldn’t give us an answer. One of which I remember well,
because of the amount being more than the rest … in the millions..
and it was Egypt. Who was not friendly at that time. We are still
giving money to these countries. Loan? I don’t know, but loans
that aren’t being paid back. To me that is giving.

The other day, I read where WE owe 12 different countries. 12 !!
BILLIONS EACH!!! There were a few that I wasn’t surprised.
France, Germany, and China. But was shocked to learn
WE OWE.. Canada among others. How can you loan money when
you owe money? Why not have the countries loan to each other and cut
out the middle man… US.

We can feel bad for them, we can give wheat and etc. for the hungry.
But we can’t afford to loan any more. We can’t even take care of ourselves.

WE ARE NOT THE ANSWER… to everyone’s problems. And our dear
President should not be offering ours or other’s money, to send to Egypt.
We have already paid them more than we can afford.


Margie's Musings said...

I couldn't agree more. We have spent the past 60 years giving our tax money away...borrowing and then giving it away. That simply does not make sense. One place we could cut in order to get back on our feet ourselves, is all foreign aid. We are, for example, funding the Egyptian army. That's stupid!

Betty said...

This country has always thrown money around, even when they have had to borrow from Social Security to do it. It needs to stop. Why can't we just concentrate on ourselves, for a while, and solve our own problems?