Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A day of sadness

This is a day of sadness for our nation...... 75 years ago Pearl Harbor was bombed.  

Last year it became a day of great sadness to our family...  as a member lost her battle to

We miss you still .....  

This is the season that is worse for those who suffer from depression... so keep your eyes
open, check to see what the warning signs are... ask mental facility about what those sign are. 
And ask how you can help your love ones. 


Anonymous said...

Sharing your sadness, as lost my dear bro today to lung cancer. We grieve, but your loss just hurts forever. Praying your holidays lifts and blessed this year.

Word Tosser said...

Sorry to hear of your lost Anonymous (could you leave your first name next time please)
it is hard as you never forget.. And with Cancer it is so hard as you watch the decline
of your love one. Only silver lining is you get to say good bye.. As time goes by, the
hurt gets less.. but you never forget.. I too, lost my brother to cancer 3 years ago July.
So I send you prayers for endurance, and strength, as you say good by to him, for now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Word Tosser said...

You welcome, Marlis... and thank you for yours.. will keep you in my prayers