Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Getting ready for the 25th

Christmas cards filled out and sent…. Check..
(I do them just before Thanksgiving and
send them out the day after). I keep hoping
as I check after Christmas there will be a
few less.  As I make a list who I got them from,
that way I know who to send to next year.
Sadly there are some who have passed. It is
like that when you are our age.

Got all the goodies made up and put in their
baskets……..check ….

90% of them, the King has delivered.
I let him to be Santa. This weekend they
will be all delivered…….check

Got the gift cards bought… but have two more
to go.  So that one will be checked off soon.

Lights put up last weekend.. check …

Yep, I am just about ready… providing some
one doesn’t decide to throw a wrench in the
works and give us a gift..  We will be done.
Check .

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