Thursday, December 08, 2016

This and that....

 This is the mountain view from our living room.
Which is a great interest in the past several
months..    See our grandson got a job in May.
And that is where he is working..  Helping build
this lodge up on the top of Schweitzer Mountain.

It would be great to go up and see what he worked on.  Or maybe they will run the lift, like they do on the other hill, and he can go and show us everything.
Got to be a great view.

On Facebook they have a thing that pops up
from time to time…  called people you might
know.  The purpose is to get you to click on
them and have them be your friend on Facebook.

Once in a while,  while bored, I will click thru them
to see if I know these people.   Below their name
and picture it has a number of mutual friends.
So if it is 2 or more, I will click on to see who
the mutual friend are, because I don’t know the
person in the picture.   I have found it interesting
to see who these people are that I know.  As it
has come up several times.. with two people that
I do know.. and who are my friends on Facebook.
What is so interesting is.. I didn’t know my 2
friends knew each other.  As they are from two
different parts of my life.. So never associated
them together, as they are so very different.
Yet these 3 people know each other. Interesting
guess we are just 6 degree away from each other

after all. 

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