Monday, December 05, 2016

Off to a rough start on the Challenge month....

I lasted 2 days.. then slipped. And on the 4th
day I flew off the wagon… First one a slip
about someone in a video on Facebook.
With the remark.. stupid is as stupid does.

Then on Sunday, I flew off the wagon of the
Challenge.  A friend who has such curly
hair it is considered an Afro like. Posted
a picture of himself, after his wife used a
hair straightened on him.  Which startled
a lot of his friends.. and were quite verbal
about what it looked like.  Not in a positive
way.. and I was just as loud and strong
as the rest.  And then it hit me… this was
so full of negativity… like I said… I flew
off the wagon…  So went back in, apologized
and told him it is his to do what he wants..And
removed my negative remarks.

And I climbed back on to the wagon. And figured
it out real fast.. this is NOT going to be easy.  
Nope, not easy, as words slip out fast.. be it
said or typed.

But I got this.. I can do this.. yes, I can.. I can
do it dang it…....
(only 26 more days…lol)  

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