Monday, December 12, 2016


Baby, it’s cold outside..
But baby, you will freeze out there..
to borrow from an old song, that
has been going thru my head for
past two days.. and it really will
be this week as the promise of
5 above to 0 each morning…with
teens for day temps.

The nice thing is.. the King is
enjoying what I have enjoyed
for 13 years… and that is…not
having to go to work in this weather.

Each night for the past 13 years, in
the winter.. I watched it snow.. and
watch the ice form on the roads and
smiled…    I didn’t have to drive to work.

Now the King, sees the snow, and hears
how the temps have been and will dip..
and laughs..  We also have a police scanner
radio, which also has the school buses
radio station.   He loves listening to them
talk in the early morning.  And he laughs.
Bus broke down?  Bus won’t start? 
Now he sips his coffee and laughs.  And
once in a while.. he will call his old boss
and tell him, how he is enjoying his hot
coffee that morning..  and laughing.
Good thing his boss has a good sense of humor.

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