Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One from the past.. last year.. and still true


Thru the Valley of fat... lead astray by husband...

Forgive me for I have sinned...
I have walked the thin line between Christmas and New Years day.
But I have fell in the alley between, pulled in by my sinful husband..
and lead to the unspeakable of cheeseburgers, he has tempted me with his store bought candy (like we needed more) 
Ah, but we will repent next week as we go in to the deep depth of limited food.
For nothing of sugar will reach our mouths.. No pasta, no potatoes, shall tempt out souls... Yea though the valley of sweetness will surely call our names, we shall walk no further. 
For our lettuce shall sustain us.
As well as our broccoli and cauliflower, shall hold us up out of the murky
valley of fat.  May water and black coffee aid us in our journey of the thin bodies we desire.  

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