Monday, December 26, 2016

Glad it is over...

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t
enjoy Christmas until about 1pm on Christmas

I hate the shopping of it.. The buying gifts,
and hoping it is the right one and etc.
The grandkids and great grandkids are easy.
The gift I give them, is the right size, (I think)
the right color (green)  and always fits.. It is called
money.  The youngest ones I send dollar bills.
They open the card and see all the ones and think
they are rich.. And then when the sales come
on, the parents take them to the store to see
what their money will buy.

I have 99% of my children trained to NOT buy
us anything for Christmas.  I keep telling them
that Christmas is for kids.. so to spend on
their children and then grandchildren.. That is
where it is at.  And finally they are listening..
All I want is a card.. That is it..  And a call if they
aren’t busy.    And luckily, that is what I get.

But over all.. to me, it is WHEW, it is finally over.
and maybe I will mosey down to the store this
afternoon to get a few things from the grocery
store..  Still not going to Walmart, until maybe
tomorrow..  The frizzy should be over by that
time..  That is until next week, when they drop
the prices 50% to 75%.... Even then I stay away
until that afternoon.. Figured if it is all bought out,

then I didn’t need it anyway..  

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