Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why do people travel during December?

People go on planes across country
during the holiday.. WHY?
Do they like sleeping on the airport floor?

Every year it is the same deal… snow storm,
Ice storms..  it is the nature of the season.
Why do people think they can beat this?

Sorry I have no piety for these people.
You are gambling with your belongings
and your life…. Yes, you will make it?
Nope, you will be sleeping on the floor
in the airport 500 to 2, 000 miles from
your home.. and you are not going to
get back in time for work.  Or you will
be mid way.. and by the time you get
to your designation.. it will be time to
turn around and go home.

What made you think you had a chance?
It is 90 to 10 chance.. 90% chance you
will not succeed.

People are crazy..

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