Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I am just an observer... a baffled one...

Being I did not vote for either of the main
candidates in the presidential race.. I don’t
have a pony to ride in this pull and tug of
recount and etc.

I just sit back and observe the carrying on
of each side…

One of the ones that baffles me is the people
who voted for Trump.  90% of them are still
sticking with him..  but the other 10% are
having, maybe buyers remorse.

A lot of them are getting a little antsy over
the choices of cabinet members. Which are
filling up with big time business men with
still strong ties to Wall Street and also the
military men who have been chosen or mention.

When Trump said he was draining the swamp,
I guess they thought it would be Wall Street,
as well as Washington, D.C.
So to see so many big CEO’s or former ones,
it is a bit disconcerning for them.  

I have to ask them.. what did they really expect?
Donald Trump is big business.  Trump Towers,
All the other companies he has been involved in,
plus golf courses and etc.  Even though he is said
to not own much anymore.. he is one of the top
dogs, his friend are top dogs, in business.

This man has not put gas in his own vehicle, if
he ever did… surely in the past 40 years. He has
no clue how much gas cost by the gallon.  He
might know the cost of building a building… but
he has no idea how much groceries cost for the
week for a family.  I doubt he knows how much
utilities are a month.  

He has always been arrogant, that you saw for
all the years.. he has been in the news and mostly
on the show he had called The Apprentice.  He really
doesn’t know how to deal with the common man or
woman.  He is surrounded by wealth..   So why do
these voters think he would not put those like him

That baffles me…

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