Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why isn't good news... newsworthy?

Each night we watch the local and national
news… 90% of the adult population does.

We see anger, we see killings, we see the
sour and the bad side of things.. it is a constant
part of our news.  Every day…

Yes, we are getting a little breathier with the
holidays coming.  So you see some goodwill
to all… at least that is the sales pitch.

But come January 2nd, we will be back to
the sour side of life.

But what about the good side of life? Why
doesn’t that sell papers, or bring ratings to
the stations, so that they want to cover it.

Who knows.. maybe just maybe there are a
lot more good news than bad.  Just bad news

There are things going on daily, that rarely
get a mention in the paper or heaven forbid
the television news.

Once in a blue moon, Oprah or Ellen, show
us people who are out there.. passing food
out to the homeless.. or passing blankets, or
finding some good to do for others. 

There are people out there who do good things
on a constant base…   we have one place here,
that has a spaghetti feed for the Lion’s club
Toys for Tots every year.. She also has had
many of dinners for raising money for some
one who lost a house, who has cancer, who
has something go wrong in their lives.. That
their friends come up with an idea and this
woman opens her restaurant for those fund
raisers.  Not only does this woman do such
things.. but now her adult daughter, takes
over the stove on Monday nights.  The regular
hours are from 5am to 2pm.  But on Monday
night.. at 4pm to 7pm, it is open to all.. for
free..  Soup and bread, and I think a salad.
all free.  Every Monday…  Just so those who
don’t have the money to go out, who don’t
have a place to go for dinner, who can’t afford
it.. but also they encourage other to join them.

Then this past Thanksgiving.. just like last
Year.. they open their place up for a free
dinner ..  and this year they added clothes.
They did a drive for donated, gloves, boots,
coats… and were over whelmed with the
generous customers… and it took Thanks
Giving and a Monday night soup before
they were all gone. 
I know there are others.. in your town, I am
sure there are people who do such things.

Teen kids who go out of their way to help
others who are less fortunate… not just
once, but time and again..  Why aren’t
these the good news we hear.. on a daily

Isn’t good news worth seeing?  They say they
give us what we want.. they show it, we watch
it,  so therefore we must want that kind.   Sad..

sad indeed. 

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