Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last minute rush.....

We have Christmas just 3 days away..
The last push for shopping… hoping
you got the item the person will like.

Lots of parties up to and on the day.
Young couples trying to get to all the
relation’s houses..  not hurting anyone

Hopes and prayers that certain gifts
make it in the mail or watching for
the UPS or FEDX truck driving up.
Watching tracking thru each of them..
praying that gift will get to the person
in time.

And with Christmas and then New Years
on the weekend..  there will be no extra
day off.

And then it is all over on Monday… back
to work to finish out the year… Some taking
the week off..

So I will take this time, to tell you all.. that I
wish you the Merriest of Christmas.. may it
be joyous and full of laughter with your friends

and family…                               

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