Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What I didn't know about the Electoral vote,

Actually what I don’t know about the
Electoral vote could fill a book in itself.

But these are a few things I didn’t know..

That it isn’t done a week after the election.
(giving a week for recounts)

While I knew the people who were from
each state, were of the party .. Guessing
if your state has 4 votes.. then they pick 4
from each party.. and dismiss the ones
that don’t apply… such has with Idaho
having 4, and of course went Republican.
So, therefore, the 4 democrats are let go.
Had it been the other way around.. the
4 Republicans would go.  And these are
chosen at the caucus or primary  times.
At least I think that is how it happens.

But did find out that if… one doesn’t like
the person for the party they are in.. they
do have the right to vote for someone else.
BUT, in some states or a lot of them.. if
that happens… they can kick that person
out and put in another who will vote
correctly… or tell them they are out of
order, so the person votes for whom they
are suppose.

I was also under the mistaken idea that it was
the common person who got voted to be a
Electoral voter.  NOT… while there is some
issue saying no one holding office or working
for the government can be a voter.   But then
on the other hand they say most of them are
chosen by how important they are in the party.
Also we see that ex-presidents can be one, as
Bill Clinton was one this year.  Very confusing.

Also when I found out that they didn’t vote
a week later but in fact, a month and half
later… I just found out.. that isn’t the end
of it either… It seems that this year, even
though the voting was done on December
19th… and it is public voting.. (everyone
knows who they voted for) there is still
yet another hurdle…  It seems that on
January 6th of 2017!!  CONGRESS has
to count the votes?  What, the ones where
everyone got to know who voted and for     
whom on December 19th, isn’t good enough?

I don’t know about you..but I am getting
A headache from all of this…

Come on January 21, 2017.. let’s get this
whole circus over with, and let the new

clowns in.                                    

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