Friday, December 23, 2016

To.... day.. is.......

Today is my brother’s birthday….
He would have been 72.

Each year, I use to write a short note
to him..  in the past 6 or 7 years, except
for last two years. We passed one card
back and forth between each other.  I for
got who bought it first and who send it back.
I want to say I sent it.. and he sent it back
with his words on it. And I returned it with my
words, and that is how it went. I still have it..
and I will get it out today.. and read it myself…
as I have done in the past two years.  See he
passed away in July of 2014.  I was kind of
pissed off.  As I had so many things to say..
so many pranks or jokes.. see he would have
been 70.

I don’t know why I started to write the note in
with the card… but it might have been because
after 60 he was getting concerned   about getting
old.  So each year, I would write a note
how it was to meet each of those years.
Especially at 65. See I am 4 years older.  

So I told him.. 65 was nothing but a number. Just
an opening of Medicare for him.. but being that
age was no big deal.. He will get out of bed just
like he did the day before.  That if anything it is
a little more fun…

If you click on 2014 on the left side and scroll
down to the 23th..   you will see..


This is what I would have told you....

It was what 70 was going to be like.. broke my heart
he didn’t make it.   I wanted to tell him so much as the
years have gone by.. what it was like to be 75… in 3 more
years…  What a blast 75 was.. and so much that I did.. and
the celebration with my children, grandchildren and great
grandchildren.   Wanted to say .. come with me.. there is
so much more to see…   But God had other plans…

So today, his wife Dickie, his daughter Diane and his son
Roy along with their children.. will remember him with
great sadness of what more that could have been…as they
had so much more to show him.
They keep the memories of the good times.. the laughs.
and friends (oh, so many friends.. Sammy Campo is the 
closest and Bono, his brother in law.. more like a brother
by another mother... will help them thru this time of the year…

Oh, Roy, there was so much more we wanted to show
you… and while God was ready… we were not, even
though we had a long good bye.. 


Miss you bro.. 


Anonymous said...

Even though I am a few years your junior (59), I enjoy reading your blog every day. I have it bookmarked on my work computer. Not sure how I found it a year or so ago, but glad that I did. When reading your loving words toward your brother, I just want you to know how lucky you were to have had him. I also have a brother, but no other siblings. We have not been close for years, as when he married and the years have marched on, its like he has been swallowed up by his wife's family, and he doesn't seem to even remember that he has a sister of his own. At times, I joke that I don't know why he doesn't change his last name to theirs. We lost our mother early this year at age 87, and in the process of caring for her the last few months, I felt like my brother and I were making connections again, and it made me so happy. Then it all changed again after my mother passed. I text him occasionally to ask how his family is, but there is never any communication initiated by him. I envision that we will be long lost relatives in our older ages, even though we only live an hour apart. I am so happy that I have three loving daughters, and I'll do anything in my power to keep them close. I tell them I'll haunt them if they lose touch with each other after I'm gone.

Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas! Mary Ann

Word Tosser said...

Mary Ann ... it wasn't always that way... it took time... if you would like to talk, email me at